People should really be careful with what they wish for...

I held Archer as he sobbed hysterically. Shaking us both with the force of his cries. Annie was curled up with Danny cocooning her. Her reptile skin on full display with only her diapers on.

Archer looked at me with his red, snake eyes. His sadness making my heart break all the more.

"Why doesn't she want me anymore? Why doesn't she want us?! I thought she loved us!" Archer wailed as I kissed his forehead and tucked him back into my arms and rocked him back and forth. The only soothing noises that are in the room are Danny and Annie's light snoring.

"She doesn't get how special you and Annie have become. She's just a bit closed off." But even I knew that I was lying. The look on her face is that of a woman with no heart. Of one who has a black cole where her heart should be. She made it clear that she was wanted nothing to do with Annie or Archer.

'My kids died the second he turned you into vile monsters!'

I can still see the tears streaming down Davids face as he was being torn away from his siblings. I can see the way they're father was trying to understand who the woman in front of him was.

I can remember seeing the heartbreak, disbelief and hatred in his eyes as he chose to stay with his children, and decided to divorce his wife. I could see most of those feelings on everyone else too.

But most of all, I can still see and hear the heart break of the children as their mother took an unwilling David and never looked back.

*Earlier that day*

I went to the schools parking lot with a heavy heart. I was carrying Annie on my arms while I held Danny's hand in mine. He had an anxious Archer on his side.

We were waiting for their parents to arrive here and take them away from us.

I was sad as can be, but at the same time I felt...proud.

Proud that I had a part in their lives. That I could see them mature a bit. Proud that I helped them off a bad time in their lived. Proud to have pushed myself to the max for them and be graduating soon. Proud because...

Proud because I love them.

Most of the students have been separated in sections around the school. Some people didn't even have to show up to give their kid away, because their parents didn't want them or couldn't afford their medical treatments (even though, half of the treatments was already on the governments and the SVS).

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