Chapter 26

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{Sonny's p.o.v.}

I slept peacefully all morning, until my ears perked up at the sound of footsteps. I yawned and stretched out, careful not to scratch the couch, and greeted Mr. Murikami.

"Hello, Mr. Murikami."

"Ah, you're awake."

I caught a wiff of fish as he entered the room.

"I brought you some salmon if you're hungry." he said as he held out a wooden board with pieces of raw salmon on it.

I stood up and took it from him. "Thank you. I'm not hungry at the moment, but I'll eat it in a little bit." I replied.

I placed it on the table in front of the couch and turned back to Mr. Murikami. "Good business today?"

"A little slow, but it'll get busier around dinner." he replied.

I heard a little chim from downstairs, "You have a costumer."

"Oh, thank you!"

He started down the stairs, but turned back to me, "I'll be too busy so I won't be able to check on you until after I close up."

"That's fine. Now go tend to your costumers!"

He smiled then rushed downstairs. "Hello, welcome!" I heard him greet his costumer.

I smiled as well and turned to the salmon on the table, it smelled really good. I picked up a large piece and tossed it in my mouth. It was sooooo good!

I reached over and turned on the radio. It started blasting music and I quickly turned it down. Hopefully no one downstairs heard it. I flipped through the stations until I found one with classical music. Classical is just so calming to me so I turned the volume up a little and sat down to eat the rest of my salmon. It was gone way too soon. I  whined when I found that I had finished it.

I got up and wandered around the apartment. As I did, I found that it was pretty dusty. Well, Mr. Murikami can't see that so I'll just have to clean up for him! I went into the bathroom to search for cleaning supplies, but all I found was toilet paper and towels now what?

I thought about what else I could use to clean the dust off. As I did, my tail swished back and forth. Hmmm...Well there's no feather duster, so I guess this is the best I can do.

I went back into the main room and brushed the dust off of the table with my tail. Then the lower shelves of the bookcase, the dresser, and the window sill. I moved to the melody of the soft music playing from the radio. I closed my eyes and twirled around the room, feeling as if I was flying. I was a complete peace.

After a few songs, I got tired and flopped down on the couch. I looked out the window and saw that the sun would start to set soon. I was about to curl up for a nap, but when my tail flopped onto the couch, a cloud of dust sprung from it.  I sighed and got back up, went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I soaked my tail in the water and turned the water back off.

I dried my tail off with one of the small towels and trudged back to the couch. I flopped down and curled up in a ball. I closed my eyes and listened to the violin music playing quietly from the radio, and soon drifted to sleep.

[Sonny sleeps until closing time]

I wake up to a loud and semi-annoying voice, "What's up, Mr. Murikami?"

I sat bolt upright, it's Mikey! I rushed over to the top of the stairs so I could listen.

"Oh, Michaelangelo, how are you?"

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