Minecraft Part 1

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Minecraft Island Story

By Lane Muell

    This is the story of a man named Steve.  He lived in a strange place called Minecraft Island, home of many creatures hostile and neutral.  Minecraft Island is a strange place and nobody knows about it.  The only person to ever find it was later known as “Notch”  When he went back he was sad that he left, but he was excited to tell the world about it.  But then a strange thing happened, he forgot about telling the world.  The only thing in his mind that has to do with telling the world is, doing it through a video game.  That was the beginning of Minecraft.  Enough introduction, now I’ll tell you Steve’s story.

    Steve was a normal person, then as he said, “I had traveled to a world made of blocks.” “Completely unbenounced to me.” “There were animals all across the land.”  “Villagers working hard hand and hand.”  That night Steve was wandering around, when suddenly he heard a slight hiss and he thought, “Are there snakes here?”  Then Steve learned that that it was not a snake, it was a weird green thing.  Then he saw many more creatures, and he named them all.  There were tall, slim, teleporting, purple eyed things from another world, he called them “enderman.  There were also zombies, skeletons, spiders, blue spiders, and a big black dragon, he called it the enderdragon.  Roaming all the time, there were cows, pigs, sheep, ocelots, wolves, and chickens.

    The next day, after spending the night in a tree, Steve decided to build a house, and gather food.  He built a housewood.  Then made a “table of crafting”  and also a pickaxe, an axe, a sword, a hoe, a pair of shears, and a spade.  He then went out to upgrade his tools.  He found some stone, and upgraded his tools.  He then wanted to make a bed, but he didn’t want to kill anything, so he found a sheep and sheared it, then got the wool from it. Steve went home and “crafted” a bed.  At that time it became night, so he went to sleep.  He woke up the next morning and went out to find some “ores”  He had heard that there are valuables in the form of ores, he especially wanted to find some iron, so he could upgrade his tools and hopefully craft some armor.  So he went into a mineshaft that he found, and mined soon he found a diamond, he thought “I have heard if you don’t mine diamonds with a good pickaxe, it will disappear. So he went back and went a different way.  Later he found a bunch of iron ore.  After he mined as much iron as he could, he went back to the surface and went home.

After a good rest, Steve crafted a new pickaxe and went back down to the mineshaft, and went back to mining iron. As soon as he mined all the iron, he went back to the surface to make another iron pickaxe.  As soon as he was done with that, he went the way that the diamond was. and mined the diamond, and found a room of redstone ore and the back wall was made of diamonds.  Steve mined the redstone, and the diamonds.  Then found some obsidian.  A thing he heard replayed in his mind.  “Be careful with obsidian, lava can flow out of the hole.”  Steve decided to leave it alone.  Steve left the mineshaft and upgraded his tools and armor.  Steve current equipment was diamond tools, and redstone armor.

    middle of the night.  He looked out his window and found a zombie, a creeper, a skeleton, and an enderman around his house.  He went to his furnace to cook some breakfast, since it was almost dawn, and waited.  When the pork chop was cooked, it was morning.        To be Continued

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