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I am currently being shunned by my offspring for not cooking duck eggs to their required specifications. I was too busy mentally indulging in my theory on hereditary characteristics to notice I was hard boiling them.

Let me just clarify, this is purely my own opinion, there is no scientific evidence to back it up. And basically, I just can't be *rsed to do the research.

The theory works on the principle that rats always follow ancient water ways, it's genetically imprinted within their consciousness. Instinctively they always go back to the same place.

This being the case, what genetic diamonds have I passed on to my progeny?

"What the fox! ‘Tis well known you come from a clusterf*ck, melting pot of wonky ancestry."

From Dyslexia through to Autism, when almost every family member displays some form of cowboy neurological wiring, I suppose there is some truth to that.

However with dross comes gold.

We each have an awesome capacity for retaining vast quantities of information that has no interest to anyone other than ourselves, but we do retain it. Locked in our little noggin's till we can ‘wow’ someone with our awesome brain porridge. This is not a sign of intellect, it just means we remember sh*t.

Does that knowledge exist with us at a cellular level?
Think about it, déjà vu, love at first sight, past lives. Can they all be explained with residual memory? Do we on an unconscious level, if not on a conscious one, gift our children with knowledge along with hair, eye colour and personality traits?

I had my first child at twenty four and held the belief I knew everything. At thirty five I realise that I know nothing and continue daily to be reminded of this.
So, if I have more enlightenment at sixty, surely any children I might produce then would be far more aware than those I grew in my twenties?
And yes, I do know that conceiving at that age is highly unlikely.

However, if you can inherit your parents genius how come Einstein's great grandkids ain't running the world?

There isn't any conclusion to this blog, it's just my thoughts.
Go about your day, I'm finished here.

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