After the Crash

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I was thinking but sleeping. I didn't understand. Was I in a coma or not?? What is going on?? Is mom ok??? Where am I?? A whole bunch of questions were going through my head.

(Mom perspective) "Oh my gosh my head." My head was throbbing and beating so hard. I saw somebody. It was a doctor, "Hello Mrs. Smith how are you feeling?" I couldn't think and then all came back to me. The road. The snow. The cars. The crash. Where's Mae!!! "Where's my daughter!!! Tell me now!" I was terrified and frustrated at the same time.

"Not now Mrs. Smith you need to get some sleep." I sat up and my head hurt extremely bad now. "Not until I see my daughter!" With a glum and horrified look on his face he said "Okay...." And led me to another room where I saw my daughter laying there still as a rock sleeping. "Is she okay?" The doctor said with a sad look on his face said "Ma'am she's in a coma but she is stable so don't worry." My mind went into a total freak out mode and I started to yell "My daughter is in a coma and you say everything is going to be ALRIGHT!! I am her mother you just don't say everything is going to be OKAY!!!"

He started to calm me down but I couldn't I just barged into that room to see my daughter. He tried to stop me but I went in anyway. I knelt at her bed side and started crying and saying "I'm sorry. Mae your going to be okay, your going to be okay." the doctor let me be there for a while. Then he said I had to go. I left that room crying and praying that she will be alright.

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