Unique's POV

It's been 3 days since I've been over here with Roc's hotel room. I've enjoyed every second but I decided I should head home and get new clothes and things lke that.

It's about 10:00 and Roc is still sleeping so I got out of his arms and walked to the bathroom to wash up as bumped into the door frame and knocked a painting in the bathroom off the wall and I heard his little yawn and I silently cursed myself.

Me: I'm sorry baby.. *turns on faucet* 

Roc: *gets out of the bed and walks into the bathroom* Nah it's cool. I was just about to get up anyway.

Me: No you were not. *laughs* You were knocked out from last night.

Roc: Do you blame me? *smirks and hugs her from behind* Your could knock anyone out with that pus--

Me: *turns and kisses him on his lips* I know. *winks* Now get dressed so I can go home.

Roc: Why can't I just keep you here? *pouts*

Me: To fuck or to love? *hands on her hips*

Roc: To show you my love by fucking you. *smiles*

Me: Hm... seems like you'd keep me strapped to your bed all day long. *puts on her shoes and grabs her phone*

Roc: Lemme try that again.. Okay, I want you to stay here with me so that I can show you how much I live you from the little things, like laying with you at night and waking with you in the morning and to bigger things like taking you out and buying you things you like, then coming back home and show you all my love I had for you today. Now *moves closer to her* And forever...

What Roc didn't know was....

Um yellooo!

I'm not a girly frilly type of girl! So that whole 'speech'.. ._. Personally it was sweet . But where I'm from? That's a little bit corny.

But I'll put on a smile and call it a while.

Me: *smiles* Aww baby that was so sweet! *hugs him tightly* 

Roc: *hugs her back* See?? I'm not just all about sex 24/7.

Me: *lifts her bag over her shoulder* Come on let's go!

Tiffany's POV

After getting back at Tyler's place Tyler has been doing nothing but talking trash to me.

Tyler: ....Tiff and suppose you could get arrested.



Me: I don't think that's a charge so calm the fuck down.

Tyler's Mom: Ty-Ty? Is that girl here again? I heard you yelling.. *walks in the room and looks at Tiffany*

THIS BITCH. I cannot STAND his Mom. She's so rude and old fashioned and uptight all the damn time. Like I wanted to go out for a minute and was wearing a off the shoulder shirt and shorts and she gave ME a lecture on being a classy lady. 

Like bitch no. Take your raggedy spoiled apple lookin ass somewhere with that shit. bitch...

TM: *nods to Tiffany* Hello Tiffany.

Me: Hi. 

TM: Oh! Tyler you didn't tell me my baby was home! *rushes to Tiffany and takes Dantae*

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