After returning from my visit to the park, I unlocked the house's front door and entered into the living room of our two-story house. A delicious aroma that was sweet as sugar filled the air, spreading into each and every room of the house, causing my mouth to water in response. Chelsy was probably baking something, a task at which she always excelled. No matter what she set out to make, it tasted delicious when finished: cookies, muffins, cakes, and most anything.

I adopted a vegetarian diet after I left home, because throughout my childhood, I hated to eat meat but had limited options. Refusing food was the equivalent of choosing hunger, and because of this, my mother always demanded that I accept my food, no matter what it was. My father wasted most of our money on alcohol, and some days the refrigerator remained empty for days, so I could not afford to be fussy. Now that I lived with Chelsy, my options had expanded, and my diet consisted mostly of vegetables, fruits, and anything that did not consist of meat. I allowed myself to eat other animal products, such as butter, but only on occasion. Anything baked by my friend warranted a special occasion. 

Removing my backpack, I placed it on a desk in the living room with careful hands, so as to not damage the  laptop within the bag. I headed toward the kitchen. The computer had been a gift from Chelsy, one which at first I refused to accept. I complained and told her that I would not be able to compensate her for it, because most places chose not to hire teenagers my age, and no other means of earning money existed for me. A smile crept onto my face as I approached the kitchen, thinking about her reaction to my hesitance.

"Stop being an idiot," she had said, muffling my protests with a quick embrace. Her eyes sparkled with adoration as she pulled away, and she promised she did not want anything in return, that she only wished for the gift to bring me happiness.

I entered the kitchen in silence. Chelsy stood in front of one of the wooden counters, holding an icing dispenser in both of her hands, as she decorated whatever baked good she had made. Sneaking up behind her, I darted my hands out to squeeze her sides, proceeding to tickle her. She squeaked in surprise and twisted around to dot my nose with pink frosting. I blinked at her. 

Chelsy laughed, turning around to finish the task of frosting her creations, which I now saw were vanilla cupcakes. "You would think that since you do that a lot, I'd start to expect it," she contemplated. "You're a weirdo, Fragile." Her voice teased me, as she finished the last of the cupcakes and placed it on wax paper sprawling across the counter.

Our relationship was easy and lighthearted, and it seemed impossible to upset each other. We joked around all the time, as siblings would, but still confided in each other with serious issues, and could expect unconditional sympathy. No limitations on what we spoke about existed, and I often thought that everyone should form a friendship like this one. It seemed perfect.  

I stepped around her and snatched one of the cupcakes she had worked hard to make, taking a gigantic bite out of it. Taste exploded in my mouth as soon as the dessert touched upon my tongue, and the bite was followed by a few more. "I think we both have odd traits, Chelsy. Remember when you had a crush on Hans Ferris? That was gross."

Her cheeks reddened until they were as bright as a tomato, and she slapped my arm to silence me. "Hush! He was cute." She moved around the kitchen to return the ingredients she had used to their spots.

"You were all like, oh Hans! You're so dreamy!" I fluttered my eyelashes and clasped my hands together over my mouth, raising my voice in an imitation of hers. It was true though. She had been infatuated with Hans Ferris, the president of the student council, for at least a few months. Hardly anything but his name left her lips during those times, and the memories still haunted me. 

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