Chapter 9

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Jordan's P.O.V

I hear shuffling and then Harry is no longer in view because he was pushed out of the way by Niall. He looks me up and down taking in my appearance then breathily says,


"Hi" I replied awkwardly.

"So umm you texted and you probably saw the interview and all. I'm sorry I shouldn't have even said anything and if I was I should have asked an-"

I put my hand up and covered his mouth to stop his rambling. "Shhh, it's okay why don't we go somewhere and talk yeah?" 

He shyly smiled and slowly removed my hand to answer "Yeah that sounds nice actually. I can get away from the four idiots who I know are eavesdropping right now"

After Niall had said that I heard a loud thump which i'm assuming it to be one of the other boys falling over trying to get away after Niall had said that he knew they were eavesdropping.

"Just let me grab my shoes and we can go."

"Okay sounds good."

Once Niall grabbed his shoes we made our way to the elevartor pushed the button and waited for it to reach our floor. Once the two elvator doors opened we stepped in and pushed the button with the star that represented the lobby. The ride down to the lobby was full of awkward silence, it was as if you could reach up and touch the tension and awkwardness.

Finally the sound of a ding occured and the two doors slid open and we stepped out. I started to head to the entrance doors of the hotel when I felt a firm grip on my arm. I looked up to meet blue eyes staring down at me.

"Unless you want to get mobbed by paps and fans then I suggest you follow me to the kitchen area and we sneak out back."

"Well who knows I might actually want to feel the rush of having to pass through a crowded sidewalk."

He just looked at me and chuckled quietly then said, "Well personally I would like to skip that rush right now so I can talk to you. So follow me lets go" And with that he let go of my arm and started walking off assuming I was following. Who was I kidding of course I followed him to the kitchen area of the hotel.

We walked through the kitchen and out the door that they used when they got shipments of foods and materials they needed, we ended up in an alley with a street light that casted an orangish glow. Not realizing I was zoned out because of the street light I didn't respond when there was a tap on my shoulder until it became several consistent taps. I faced Niall and he had a look of concern on his face for some reason. 

"You okay you zoned out there for a bit." When I nodded my head in response he continued, "Okay well we both aren't from New York so we obviously don't know the area, so I say lets just walk the streets and see where they take us, Think of it as an adventure."

"Aren't you worried about getting recognized?"

"No it's dark enough and I have a snapback on so that usually helps."

"Okay well lead the way.."

We walked and walked making small talk avoiding the main topic that even made us meet up. Finally my feet started to hurt and I spotted a bench, Niall was going on about something when I grabbed him by his wrist and caused him to stop what he was talking about to ask where I was taking him. I told him I was going to sit on the bench and when we reached it we sat down with a gap between us.

"Okay now that we are seated I think we stop avoidiong the whole conversation that were really supposed to have." I said with confidence, my voice not wavering surprisingly.

"Yeah your right, so I guess I should start. Basically the truth is I haven't stopped thinking about you ever sense I spilt my drink on you at the tournament and looked into your beautiful eyes. I really thought that I would be able to go back the next day and we could spend time together and get to know you. Another thing why did you never bring up the huge fact that you were actually in the tournament hmm? You're not completely innocent either. Back to my side though, we had an interview that day which you obviously know, I didn't think you would see it so thats why I said what I did. What I did say though is completely true. While I was ranting to the boys saying how I completely messed up, my phone made a ding signalling I had got a text, I picked it up and saw it was from you and that you wanted to meet and talk. Obviously I would never pass that oppurtunity up so I agreed and here we are. Your turn." After he finished his speech I realized he had closed the gap between us and was breathing heavy and I couldn't help but smile at him.

"To be completely fair most guys don't like basketball girls so thats why I didn't bring it up, second I hadn't even put the clues together that you were the famous 'Niall Horan" when it did all click I was shocked to say the least.  So when you were ranting to the rest of the boys I was ranting to my bestfriend Carson, by the way she is the one who sent the text, anyways she told me that if I really liked you I shouldn't be intimidated by your status. WIth that in mind I made the trip up to your hotel and now we are currently sitting on a bench so...."

"So..... I feel like that if we like each other we should give it a shot, what time is it?" He asked.

"It is 9:48 why?"

"It's not to late so lets go!"

"Wait where are going?"

"On our first date obviously!"

And with that he grabbed my hand intwined our fingers and we were walking to god knows where.

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