Argument and taken

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I could hear them talking just outside of my door the following morning. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. the bed beside me was still warm which meant that Rick had only been up a while. I crept to the door and heard them talking. all three of them.

"Are you saying you don't believe her rick?" Jonathan asked.

"No im.... thts not..." rick muttered

"You are! you are dad you don't believe her" Alex said

"Well no okay I dont."

"Finally. you agree with us." Alex said

"She just is... she's.."

"Hooked! that's what she is." Jonathan said.

"Yes. I suppose she is. always going on about these mummy's. never has any time." Rick said.

"I'm hooked! never had any time for you! wht do you think I am?!" I yelled flinging the door on them.

"Evie." Rick said startled, the other two slowly and awkwardly walked away.

"No, you two stay!" I yelled "how dare you say I'm hooked?! if you....if you thought I..... I..." I sighed "urg! I can't take this!" I stormed off

"Evelyn!" Rick called after me

"You've done it now dad." Alex said.

I went to the library and hid myself away. I grabbed the nearest book -pride and predudice which I had never read before- a few tears ran down my cheek and I could hear the door bust open.

"Evie?" he walked around and I could hear his foot steps coming closer. "evie please can we talk?" I sighed put the book down.

"I'm...I'm here." he appeared and st opposite me.

"I'm sorry you know I wouldn't ...I didn't mean."

"Rick I get it alright. I know you love me but I just... why?" he opened his mouth to say something but I jumped up and walked away. "later Rick." I ran away to stop myself crying.

It felt like the hours passes like seconds. I had slept I was upset. and when I woke up there was Rick and Alex watching me. "what?" I snarled

"Evie what's wrong?" Rick asked Alex laughed.

"See at least he knows." I said again I was going to open my mouth and there was a loud roar from down the hall and Jonathan came running in, and as soon as he came in the two remaining men brought out their guns and headed towards the door.

"What the hell was that?" Jonathan said

"Ill go see." rick went out.

I heard loud noises, noises I was used to. noises I knew where gun shots and fights. soon Alex went out to join him I went out the back and was out in time to see Rick, unconscious and being dragged into the back of a pick up truck.

"RICK!!" I yelled and began running after him but I tripped and skinned my knees. "ah"

"mum." Alex said helping to pick me up.

"Thanks." Jonathan jogged up behind us.

"Rick.." I breathed heavily and leant on Alex.

"It's fine mum. it's fine wwe'll find him"

I nodded and then broke down. the two of them comforting me and helping me inside.

"It's not like the other times," I sniffed "wwe've known who and why. and where." "not like this." The two of them sat there watching me. none of us knowing what to do.

"Alex if he doesn't come back....i ...I I can't cope with out him." he nodded

"I get it mum." He came over to me, sat with me as I hugged him.

"Rick...." I muttered.

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