Preference: He's A Truthful Drunk...

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Niall: “You know. You’re very pretty,” he slurs. You chuckle taking his drink away, before he got even more drunk. His cheeks were pink from taking too many shots. You took him outside for a breath of fresh air. “I’ve had a crush on you ever since I met you. You were the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. Still as pretty as when I first met you. Sometimes, I wonder how I got so lucky. You’re absolutely perfect in my eyes. When I’m away, I always worry that you’ll go find someone else. But you’re always there for me,” he suddenly confesses. You always knew he was a truthful drunk, but he never confessed anything like this. “I love you (Y/N)!” He shouts and laughs. “I love you too Niall,” you reply, “But let’s get you home. I think you drank a little too much tonight!”

Zayn: “Whoo!” Zayn shouts as he takes another drink. “Drink with me babe!” he says to you. “If I drink, who’s gonna get us home?” You laugh. Zayn was about to take another drink, but you stop him before it got worse. You bring him outside, so he can cool down. He sits down on the edge of the sidewalk and pats the spot next to him motioning you to sit down. “I know I don’t always show you how much I love you, but I really do,” he says, “I think. No. I know that you’re the love of my life. I always think about our future together.” He takes your hand in his, tightly holding it. You lean your head on his shoulder, smiling at his cute confession. “You know. I sort of like it when you’re drunk. Haha.”

Harry: Harry definitely drank a little too much tonight. He went a bit crazy with the amount of drinks he had. You took him outside for a walk. You linked his arms in yours tightly, so he wouldn’t run off. “(Y/N)?” he slurs. “Hmm?” you reply. “Why are you so insecure about yourself?” he asks all of a sudden. You didn’t reply for a second, “Because Harry. I just am.” “But you’re so perfect! You are absolutely beautiful to me. Who cares what other people say. You have the perfect hair, eyes, face, lips. Just everything,” he says looking straight into your eyes. You almost tear up from his confession. No one has ever told you that you were perfect. “Thanks Harry.” He smiles and kisses you. Maybe it’s not too bad that he was drunk!

Liam: You were always careful around Liam when he drinks. He gets drunk pretty easily. You’ve never seen him really drunk before, so you trusted him with that responsibility. While you two were at a party, he had one too many drinks. He talked non-stop, telling everyone everything. Before he revealed anything embarrassing, you took him outside in the backyard. He just smiles at you. “What happened to the talkative Liam back there?” You joked. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” he blurts out, “You don’t compare to anyone I’ve ever dated. Honestly! I love you so much. I think you should marry me.” You look at him in surprise, laughing a bit. “Maybe I’ll marry you when you’re sober and older! Haha.”

Louis: “Another drink please!” Louis shouts, after taking who knows how many drinks. “It’s alright. He won’t need it,” you say, dragging him out of the party. “C’mon (Y/N)! Have some fun!” he says. You laugh at his silliness. “You had way too many drinks tonight. Let’s just sit here for a bit okay?” you suggest. He shrugs and lies down on the grass. “Come lay with me!” he says, patting the spot of grass next to him. You lay down, and cuddled into his arms. “I’m really mean to you,” he laughs. “Yes. I know. Haha,” you reply. “But I hope you don’t take it to heart. You’re adorable. I promise you that. It’s great that I can joke around with you, you know? You don’t get mad at me for silly little things like that. That’s one of things I love about you. You’re pretty amazing. No lie,” he says tiredly. You traced circles on his stomach, smiling at the things he told you. You sit up and say, “Let’s go home. I think you’re getting a bit tired!”

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