Austin's P.O.V

"Austin wake up." My Mom shook me softly.

We were flying to Miami to meet up with the record label to finalise the details, so I could get started with my album after school finished, which was only two weeks away. I would sadly be away for Callin's birthday, hopefully she wouldn't hold a grudge and start to blank me again. I didn't even know what was going on with Callin and I, one minute we would be all over each other the next minute we would be avoiding each other.

Since I had walked away from her after she had won the pageant we had avoided each other, barley acknowledging each others existence. The last time I saw her she was standing at the back of the school with a bunch of random outcasts, smoking something. I dreaded to think what she had been taking recently. No one had noticed her smoking and taking drugs apart from me; Luce was too busy with Zach and Alex was occupied with Sarah.

Robert was the only one who wasn't busy, he had noticed Callin's strange behaviour but he hadn't commented or made any effort to help her or tell Alex. We were just drifting away. I was snapped out of thought with someone taking a picture of me, a fan. Of course, I quickly greeted the small group of fans that had waited for me and took pictures with them before getting into the car.

"Are you sure you want to sign? We can always negotiate and hold it for a while, no one is forcing you into anything..." My Mom stuttered nervously.

"I am sure, this is what we have always dreamed for. I want to do this for us!" I gave her a reassuring smile.

She took hold of my hand and gave it a tight squeeze; we had struggled since my Dad had passed away. My Mom worked two jobs and I had always helped out. Things got better once I started uploading covers and gaining fans. Money slowly started coming and we were fine again. My Mom and I only had each other.

I had always thought my life had been tough, but when Callin confided in me, I had immediately had taken it back. She had witnessed things that no one of that age should have. I couldn't understand how she was still functioning. But what scared me was that her dad had died of a drug overdose, and now she was taking drugs.

I couldn't do anything to stop it...

*   *   *

"If you would just sign here, Austin, then everything will be ready for when you come in a few weeks." A man said, handing me a pen.

My Mom and I had already read through all of the small print and everything was okay, but a part of me was saying not to sign the contract. Was it worth leaving everyone I loved behind? It had always been my dream to make it big and prove all of those people that had ever doubted me or been horrible to me regret it. I bit my lip and looked up at my Mom. She would be proud of me whatever I chose. But I wanted my Dad to look down and be proud of me, so I put my pen onto the paper and signed.

"Welcome to Cash Money Records." I was patted on the back by a few people before I was left alone with my Mom.

"Austin, as you are now signed to a label and you are getting bigger, we thought you would need a body guard..." the door opened. "This is Dave, he will be looking out for you."

A man that looked as if he was in his young twentys came in the room. He gave me a grin and made his way towards me.

"Hey Austin, I am Dave." He put out his hand for me to shake.

I smiled before shaking it, then Dave suggested going out for pizza to celebrate.  He was already on my good side. Grabbing my phone, I ignored the messages from the guys and Callin...

Callin's P.O.V

I sigh of relief escaped from my lips as the syringe was injected into my arm. It was my second hit tonight and it had immediately kicked in. First of all I had started smoking but then a group had offered me stronger stuff. I didn't decline, wanting to try something new and had gotten addicted. No one had noticed that I had drifted away from the group, no one cared. They were too occupied by their little flings, and Austin had been avoiding me for no reason.

My head was throbbing from the loud music. Standing up, I began stumbling towards the dance floor. Laughing, when nearly falling to the group, I began swaying my hips to the music, enjoying the feeling of being happy. All my negative thoughts were erased for tonight. A stranger came up from behind me and started trying to dance with me. I clumsly spun around to face a boy who looked oddly familiar.

"Callin, are you okay?" His deep voice asked me.

I blinked a few times to adjust my vision. Caine was stood in front of me. How was he here?

"Caine, what are you doing here? I have missed you so much babe!" I slurred.

I tripped on my own feet and stumbled into his arms, giggling like a schoolgirl. I nestled my head into his chest. Caine stood me up and smashed his lips onto mine. Of course I didn't pull away, loving the feeling of not being alone. I deepened the kiss by wrapping my arms around his neck. He picked me up bridal style as I couldn't walk properly. My eyes began to droop, my vision blurring before everything became dark...

*   *   *

Waking up in an unfamiliar bedroom had become a normal thing for me, usually I would have collapsed somewhere and someone would have put me to bed. But I had never woken up naked next to a random guy. Obviously I had lots to drink and had two hits, I didn't remember anything. Sitting up I saw my clothes in a crumpled heap on the floor next to my head, my head aching. I quickly slipped out of bed, not waking the sleeping body.  I scooped up my clothes and went into the bathroom.

After putting my clothes back on, I walked back into the bedroom to find the mysterious boy missing from the bed. Scanning the room for any traces of him, I noticed a sheet of paper on the pillow. I picked it up slowly, dreading to see what was written on it. I opened it to see a note.

'Until next time'...


This is just a little something to keep you going until the weekend,  so the crew have become distant and Callin has turned to smoking a drugs. Austin has signed to a record label, do you think he will try and help Callin? I am in love with places at the moment!

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