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Carter's P.O.V

To carry out the plan I was sitting alone in Scar's room. I was waiting for Mordecai's men to show. I was the only one in the house. Everyone else was waiting in the cars with the weapons. They were waiting for it to hit 12 as well, the plan was for them to start making their way over to the asylum. Eventually they would run into the goons carrying me in, and then the group would take them out. I focused to hear the clock tick. It struck 12, and surely as I thought three men bursted through the bedroom window. I put up a fight to make sure it didn't look suspicious. I seen one of the guys come closer to snap my neck,and I let him do it.

Ally's P.O.V

I was in Scar's camaro, and following us was Jessy's mitshibishi. With us there was Lilly, Ash, and Lexi. Jessy's car contained himself, kyle and Caleb. We pulled into the Asylums parking lot, and seen the goons trying to force Carter inside. As soon as the car stopped, I got out and ran up behind them. They couldn't see me. I guess it was time to use my powers.

My hand went up in front of me, I motioned to the right slowly. The men dropped Carter, and walked to the right obeying my hand. I held my hand there strongly, they stood frozen. I made a fist, simply to suffocate then, then with a flick of the wrist, all three fell limp. I heard footsteps behind me, it was the rest of the team. They stopped beside me and looked at the bodies.

"I just snapped their necks. Stake them." I commanded. Kyle, Caleb, and Jessy went to the bodies and did as I said. I went to Carter who was standing, he looked horrified. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah yeah I'm fine." He was calm again.

"Alright let's get inside." Lexi said as she stood in front of the doors. Within a flash, both of the big doors flung open. Inside there were hundreds of vampires. They stared right at us, and were ready to pounce. I put my hands out again to keep them standing where they were. Scar stepped forward and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes, when they opened they were those two famous colours, red and black. She looked dead a head for a moment, with deep focus.

"Fight each other til death." Scar demanded. She blinked and her eyes were normal again. I let go of the vampire army,they turned to each other and attacked. Because the plan was to stay together at all times the whole entire crew, quietly snuck past the vampires.

"This way..." Scar said gesturing down the stairs.

Scar's P.O.V

We were running down the stairs. Of course Mordecai had guards, gaurding them. We must have staked about 6 before we got to the cellulars. Kyle took out his riffle and took out the guards on the floor. We were running down the hall rushing to find my father's cell. Until I seen a door at the end of the hallway. The door only had one slit in it. I ran over to it but I couldn't open it.

"Lexi over here." I called out. She ran to my side. I pointed to the door. Lexi waved her hand over the lock and suddenly it fell to the ground. I used all of my human strength to pull it open. Lilly and I went insid and the others stayed outside watching the door. I looked around and seen my dad . I needed to unlock the chains but I didn't have the key. "Lexi we need you again."

She came running in. Right away she knew why I called her. She used her magic to unlock the cuffs, and then the chackles. Lilly had the small duffle bag with the blood bags in it. She took a blood bag out and handed it over to me. "Thanks." I said with a smile.

I took the bag and knelt down beside my father, he was a little werey. I ripped open the bag and pushed it to his mouth. He began to drink slowly and then his eyes widen they were extremely red. He finished the blood bag. Something told me he wanted more. "I need another one." I said. Lilly handed it to me. I gave it to my father. He drank, and looked healthier. He stood to his feet, and embraced me in a big bear hug.

"Scarlett. Sweetheart you've grown beautifully." He smiled.

"Thanks. See I told you I would come back for you." I winked. He kissed me on the forehead over joyed. "Not to ruin the mood Daddy, but we have to go defeat Mordecai. He wants to take my friend and turn him evil."

"Your friend?" My dad had a worried look on his face, it was strange.

"Yeah. I'll fill you in later. Right now we've got to go." I said pulling him out of the cell.

We ran up the stairs. When we past the main entrance, we seen piles of dead vampire bodies. I didn't know I was that strong. We headed up the other flight of stairs to the second floor. We ran into a larger group of vampires, but something was different. I smelt wolf blood as well.

"Hybrids." My father seem to have caught the stench too.

"He has a hybrid army?" Kyle sighed. "So not fair."

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