Chapter 3

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The RED maintained bravado. "Heck, I didn't ask you to patch me up,"

"Well I didn't ask you to shield me."

Silence. "You're quick," he concluded after a while, "but I'm quicker."

You placed your hands on your hips. "Oh really?"

He grinned. "Yea, really."

"Prove it." you prompted.

The RED Scout remained silent for a few moments. "Does da rescue count?"

You shook your head. "Do a feat now; I'm sure it won't take long."

The Bostonian stared into your eyes, then everything happened it a flash: You felt his hand slipping through your hair to caress your head, being gently tugged forward, before your lips were pressed against his, the distinctive taste of cherry caught on your tongue. You were stunned, too surprised to move, even when he pulled away. That blasted grin was still plastered on his face.

You blinked and swallowed hard, regaining your senses. "What was-"

"Toldja I was quick," he smirked, "how didcha like that thank-whoa!" He quickly dodged to the side, your aluminium bat missing him by a silver. With lightning quick reflexes, he jumped up and began running, laughing. Was he taunting you now? Oh, he was so gonna get it.

You were up in an instant, grabbing your backpack and chasing after him. As you slung the strap around yourself, an announcement boomed through the place:

"The enemy has taken our Intelligence!"

"Goddammit, he is fast," you cursed under your breath. The cries of war were beginning to settle in your brain, making you slightly uncomfortable for you had just gotten accustomed to quieter settings. With a blush on your face, you ran back into the battlefield.

You'd give him a thank you, alright.

Something better than his.

You grinned.

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