Chapter 2

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I looked up to Orochimaru. He looked like a girl. It was weird to see him like this but I knew his chakra.

"What do you need."I asked turning towards him. He punched me to the floor again and said, "Don't talk to me like we are equals, call me master." He spat. I got up shakily and said, "What are your wishes, master?"

Orochimaru pointed towards a boy with black hair and onyx eyes and said, "Attack him, don't kill him, weaken him." Orochimaru spit out a key and undid my scuffs and chains.

I looked behind the boy and saw the pink hair girl trying to tend to a blond haired boys wounds. The black haired boy looked at Orochimaru and looked confused.

Sasuke POV
That girl. She looks horrible. He hair was dirty and she had cuts marks, bruises and whip markings all over her body. It looked as if she hasn't eaten in months. And her eyes... It seems as if the will to live has left her. Why did he summon her? She is going to die. Am I supposed to fight her.

Sakura POV
That poor girl. It looks like she was her test experiment her whole life. She has a tattoo on her arm. I think it says 07. I wonder what that means? Her eyes look empty. As if someone sucked her soul out of her. It's weird. She looks easy to fight.

Suki POV
"But Orochimaru. I can't. I'll hurt him too much." I said quietly. He shoved me forward and I stumbled and fell a few feat. "Do it or you will never see the light of day again!" Orochimaru said angrily for talking back.

I got into a fighting position. So did the boy. I closed my eyes trying to convince myself that it was just training but my brain wouldn't believe me. 'Why me?' That familiar question came up. But then an more important question was thought off. 'Why them?" Maybe one of them had a bounty on their head. Before I knew I heard the footsteps of the onyx eyes boy running towards me. I opened my eyes and dodged him very skillfully. My black high pig tails twirling around me as I slid away.

I began to do hand says and I shouted, "Ice Release: Black Dragon Blizzard!" I thrust my arm out and a black dragon with red eyes started to fly towards the boy. "Sasuke! Watch out!" The girl with pink hair yelled! The dragon began to spin as it got closer and upon impact to Sasuke it sent him flying in the air.

I jumped up on the air a little higher than Sasuke and did more hand signs. "Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb!" Three dragons made of fire came forth out of my high chakra and they came at Sasuke from his left right and front. He jumped to dodge the dragons. He let his guard down thinking that he outsmarted them. The two on the left and right collided with each other but the front dragon went up and hit Sasuke. He fell to the floor. I turned and looked towards the pink haired girl that looked like she desparately wanted to help. I started walking towards Sasuke.

When he looked up at me, something was different. His sharingan was activated. 'Two can play that game.' I thought and my eye changes from blue to the red sharingan. His eyes widened. Suddenly it looked as if he didn't want to attack me. I walked closer. But when we were arms length apart he sent a sweep kick my way and I tripped on it. I fell butt first on the ground. He kicked me pit I slide away getting up on all 4s.

He sent a punch my way that ht my chest. Then upper cutted me. I hit a tree and then a Kunai knife stabbed my rib cage. But Sasuke didn't throw it. Orochimaru did. I coughed up blood against the tree. Sasuke's eyes widened even more. My sharingan still active I watched as Orochimaru walked up to me. He pulled the Kunai knife out of my chest and I slid down the tree.

"Well experiment 07, it's very unfortunate it has to end here. You did so well on your experiments. Probably the best test subject I have had in many years." Orochimaru said quietly looking down at me as I coughed up more blood. 'No, I don't want to die! There are so many things I haven't done yet. I haven't even meet a single souls besides Orochimaru and Kabuto. Both total jerks. I don't want to die. I don't want to die!' I mentally pleaded God, if there was one. I looked up at Orochimaru as he got prepared to stab me.

Then Sasuke came and jumped kicked Orochimaru away from me. They battled and battled. When Sasuke got the upper hand he burned off Orochimaru face revealing his true self. My vision blurred as I watched there battle go on. I was losing a lot of blood. Blood I don't have. 'Even though that kid Sasuke saved me, I'm going to die of blood loss anyway. Funny thing is, I never thought it would end this way. I always thought it would be of starvation or thirst maybe even his unsafe experiments. But not this way.' I thought quietly as I watched my own wound bleed out before my eyes.

A lady came and took care of Orochimaru. They must be battling somewhere else. Sasuke got the curse mark. 'Poor boy.' I though as he yelled in pain. Then everything went black.

Pitch Black.

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