Blood, there was so much blood - the walls a once bright white now smeared with red. It was loud too loud... Screaming - Mommy is screaming. My head is so foggy, I'm scared but, Mommy told me to be strong and not show him I'm scared. If he sees that I'm scared he will hurt me, I'm so scared.

Now it's dark and I can't move my hands from behind my back. My feet are stuck together and I can only wiggle on the dark, cold floor. I feel Daddy's clothes brush against my back, I recognize it because this is where I hide when I play hide and seek. I open my eyes and look out the crack in the door.

Mommy is crying and laying on the floor - stuck - just like me. There is blood on the floor beside Daddy and he's not moving. I'm so scared. Then there is a loud bang and Mommy isn't crying anymore and she stopped moving just like Daddy. I start crying too tired to pretend to be strong like Mommy said.

The man opens the door and I close my eyes again, he picks me up and throws me on Mommy and Daddy's bed. He unties my feet and hands - then leaves. I start sobbing very loud, I rush to Mommy's side shaking her trying to get her to make up but there is blood - so much blood.

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