Chapter Six

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-Third Person View-

"Let's go to the beach!" Sting said.

"You only want to go because Fairy Tail is" Rufus said.

"Maybe" Sting said. "I bet the reason he wants to go is Yoru" Orga said.

"I alright asked Makarov and he said sure!" Sting said, ignoring Orga.

"I bet Makarov agreed so there could be more women." Orga said, everyone sweatdropped.

"Most likely" Rogue said. "Anyway.... Let's go!" Sting said.

-Time skip-

Fairy Tail and SaberTooth were on the train. The Dragon Slayers (All but Wendy and Yoru, the motion sickness spell thing works on Yoru) were all either throwing up or passed out.

"Why do you get Natsu?" Lucy asked. "Because he's my brother, and because I make him better" Yoru said.

Natsu was less motion sick because Yoru was scratching behind Natsu's ear.

"Why do you get Gajeel?" Levy asked. "Because he wanted to sit with me" Yoru said, scratching behind Gajeel's ear.

"Yukino, could you do the same thing with Rogue and Sting, please?" Yoru asked, "Alright, Yoru-Sama" Yukino said as she did as told.

"So... Yoru, will you be wearing a bikini?" Lucy asked, smirking to herself.

"I might, but I'll still have my cloak on" Yoru said."Why are you always wearing that thing?" Lucy asked.

"While I was looking for Natsu... I didn't have my cloak, and people made fun of me because... Of reasons" Yoru said, looking away slightly.

"After a while I started to feel different, I even tried to kill myself. It never worked out, so I just bought a cloak to hide myself. I have been hiding my eye as well..." Yoru continued.

Belle looked up at Yoru. "Yoru..." She said.

"Why your eye?" Levy asked. "It's red" Natsu said.

"Fire and ice, red and blue..." Yoru said. "Wait, Master, why are we going to the beach if the guild has a pool?" Yoru asked.

The girls in Fairy Tail looked at Makarov with a look that could kill. "Yeah, Master, why did you?" They said in perfect sync.

Makarov was sweating enough to fill a bathtub. "U-Umm.." He said nervously.

The members of SaberTooth watched this in horror, "Kowai!" They said (Kowai means scary and Kawaii means cute).

"I overheard he asked EVERY guild we are not enemies with to come" Mirajane said.

"Master!!!" The females of Fairy Tail (Other than Yoru, Mira and Wendy) shouted.

Even some of the males got mad (Gildarts being one).

"I heard from Lucy that when she first join Master touched her butt on purpose" Yoru said.

"I think Master was enjoying that little modeling thing Mira and Jenny did, and he even bought that Sorcerer's Weekly..." Laxus said.

"Good thing Yoru-Chan didn't participate" Natsu said. "I would've killed every man that looked at her" He said.

"So now you are saying it was a good thing I was hurt?!" Yoru yelled as she kicked Natsu out of the seat.

Yoru placed Gajeel's head on her lap, who is asleep. "How can he sleep through this?!" Rogue deadpanned.

-Time skip-

After the fighting, the two guilds arrived at the beach. Lucy pulled all the girls to the bathroom.

"Wear the bikini without the cloak or I will show Natsu this picture of you nearly kissing Sting, oh, and you have to act like a little girl the whole trip." Lucy smirked.

Yoru blushed. "F.. Fine... I'm not like you, I don't show my body for appealing men" Yoru said as she walked away. "But, I will wear my cloak until I leave this building." Yoru said as she walked in the dressing room.

Lucy got pissed. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!"

Yoru took off her clothes and put her bikini on, she put her hair in a high pony-tail and put her cloak on. She walked out to find that no one else was done. "Really?" Yoru mumbled.

After a while, the others came out of their dressing rooms, "How long have you been waiting?" Wendy asked. "More than ten minutes" Yoru said as she stood up and walked outside.

Everyone stood in front of Yoru as she took her cloak off. Her pale, scar filled skin showed.

Yoru looked down, "I knew you'd hate me if I showed you this. Like everyone else" Yoru said as she walked away.

"S... So many!" Happy said. "Their everywhere" Carla said.

"Let's go find her!" Natsu yelled as he ran in the direction Yoru walked away in.

The rest of Fairy Tail and some of SaberTooth searched for Yoru.

Sting and Rogue found a bunch of boys flirting with Yoru.

"Are you free tonight?" One of them asked. "A-Ano..." Yoru mumbled.

"No, she isn't free tonight." Rogue said as he put his arm around Yoru, Sting also put his arm around Yoru.

"Sorry boys, but Yoru is ours tonight" Sting said as he glared at the boys.

"Nani?!" Yoru said. "She has no idea what you are talking about" One of the boys smirked.

One of the boys grabbed Yoru's wrist and pulled her from the male Dragon Slayers.

"My name is Hikaru. And I want you to go on a date with me." The boy said. (Picture at top)

Yoru's face turned red. "I-I..."

"Well?" Hikaru asked. A dark aura was felt behind the group of boys. They slowly turn around to see a very pissed off Dragon Slayer.

"Is there a problem?" Hikaru asked, "I'm just asking this girl out" He said.

"O... Onii-Chan..." Yoru said, scared of her brother.

-Time skip-

After watching people get beat up by her brother, Yoru went to ask Makarov something.

"Master... How long are we staying again?" Yoru asked.

"A week" Makarov said.

"Alright" Yoru said then walked away.

"I hear there is a hot spring close to the place we're staying at!" Lucy cooed.

"Sounds like fun!" The other girls cheered. "I heard the girls share two rooms!" Levy said.

The girls thought for a moment. "SLEEP OVER" They shouted.

The girls started to head to the house. They grabbed their stuff and went to the hot spring.

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