Imagine For Aneesah

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Hello loves! I know it's been awhile since I've updated this chapter. Anyway, this imagine is for the patient and incredibly sweet Aneesah (@aneesah_x). I'm very sorry it's taken me so long to get to it. This might not be all that funny but it's pretty romantic and I hope you and everyone else who's reading this enjoys. x


I get so weak in the knees, I can hardly


I lose all control when something takes

over me

I hummed along to SWV"s Weak as I continued to press my long black hair. Aug and I were having movie night in a few minutes but I had just gotten out of the shower, and my hair was wet, so I had to do something to it. I hated when my hair got wet and curly because I never thought it looked right, but for some reason, Aug loved it.

"Baybeh, what you doin' in 'hea? I'm two seconds off of pressin' the damn play button.'' Aug complained as I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs.

I playfully rolled my eyes, giggling slightly as I pressed the last lock of my thick hair. "Calm down, I'm coming. I hope we ain't watching none of that Boyz In The Hood mess or something like that.''

Aug entered the room then, going over to the bed to grab his phone. "I'a be damn if we watch some Shakespeare.'' he shot back.

I turned off my hot comb oven and stood up from my seat in front of the mirror. "You are so not romanticm, you know that?" I teased, walking over to his figure now standing in the doorway.

He wrapped his arms around my waist. "You 'luh me though.''

I stood on my tip toes and pecked his lips twice. "Come on, I want to watch Love Jones.'' I say, entwining our fingers and dragging him out the doorway.



It was almost impossible, but I got Aug to watch the movie with me because he loves me so much. He barely paid attention though and was asking too many questions he basically had me telling the whole movie. As the credits started to roll, I grabbed another tissue, wiping my drenched cheeks.

"Baybeh, the movie wasn't even dat sad. Homeboy loved 'da girl but she started homie hoppin'.'' Aug points out.

I looked back at him. "That wasn't the point of the movie at all. Nina and Darius loved each other, and no matter what happened they always found their way back to each other. Sometimes a love so strong can be scary.'' I explained, laying back against him and sniffling.

Aug looked down at me. "But I'a do anything to keep you by my side and we ain't never did no shit like that.'' he reasoned.

I giggled, shaking my head. "Just drop it Aug. When I was a little girl, I always wanted a love like that. a guy who wrote me poetry. Someone who spoke to me through the poetic world, you know? I would drive my mama crazy with all the plans I would have in the future and everything.'' I shared.

Aug started to play with our entwined fingers. "Look at you. Followin' afta' some damn movie.'' he joked, chuckling.

I shrugged a little, grinning. "It was when I was little. My sisters wanted to be rich, live in a big mansion house, become the most successful females in our family, but all I wanted was my true love.''

"You always been different.'' Aug taunted, kissing my forehead.

I looked up at him. "At least mine came true. They're still trying to figure everything out.'' I

Aug raised an eyebrow. "Who 'yo true love? Lemme find that nigga. . .''

I giggled some more, now sitting up so I could straddle him. "It's you Aug. Even though you don't write me poetry, you love me for who I am. You always keep it real with me and never lie...and you're amazing. And I'm in love with you.''

Aug started to smile at me then. "Aw baybeh, I'm in love with you too.'' he returned, leaning forward to kiss me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Mmhm. You know what else?'' I continued, pecking his lips again.


"All this love is making me feel some type of way.'' I started, smirking as I played with his ear.

Aug caught the hint and smirked himself. "Word?"

"Mmhm.'' I hummed, kissing him again.

He lifted me off the sofa then, throwing me over his shoulder and catching me off guard, making me scream. "You ain't gotta' tell me twice.''

I giggled as he started up the stairs with me on his shoulder. "Aug!"

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