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Chapter 5: Finding an exit, or is it just Narnia?

What did Xard mean by that?

I was the only one ever, and I mean ever, who had a weird name! Did he know me before? You never know that there maybe brainwashing, because there is a magical world that exists! All these questions and thoughts won't leave my head as I lie down in my cot. Tig's deep breathing is the only thing that is making me know that I am not alone in the cave-like room.

After Xard's curiosity, no one spoke while we ate. It even seamed like Raven was having questions of his own as well. Why should he even care about how Xard may have known me?

Thoughts of my father, that I never met, start to pry into my thoughts as well. What if he never left? The only things that I know about my father is that I have his mythical eyes and that he left when I was only a month old. My mother then said that I didn't need to know anymore about him, because he wasn't worth it.

I don't even know what is reality and just my messed up mind anymore. Whether I close my eyes or have them wide open, I believe they're open anyway, all I see is pitch blackness. I know I'm not passed out or anything like before, because I still hear Tig's breathing across the room and every once in a while, a purr will slip out.

I don't know what the difference between Earthan and Margian times are, but I hope they're the same, cause I hate jet lag! I am so tired that I am just rambling! Trust me, I'd rather be sleeping, or even passed out, than be in the dark. cause I am scared of the dark! I don't care what you call me, because it still wouldn't change.

Onto another topic, my birthday would be tomorrow (or today, cause it is in the morning). I wouldn't get a birthday cake or any presents. My mom and I would be going to the mall to bother some people for the fun of it. We would be sneaking into a movie theater. I don't know why she taught me all this stuff, but she always told me that I may need the skills someday and I truly need them now.

It is not like I want to just leave, because I want to, but because I need to. I can't be part of something that I am not even a part of! I'm just a human girl that everyone believes is this magical "Ninja Princess" that will save them all. I don't have a talent. All I can do is solve really difficult algebra problems.

Draining myself over all these thoughts, my eyes started to droop and I swear I heard the creaking door open as the darkness pulled me under...


When I woke, the oil lantern was on and Tig's cot is vacant. Where did she go?

I got up and headed to the room that they call "the bathroom" and wash off. When I am clean and changed, I head out the creaking door.

The creaking door...

That reminds me! Did someone creep into the room last night as I fell asleep, or was it just my messed up head?

I know that I couldn't have been Tig, because she was in deep sleep.

Could it have been Drew?

Raven? I mean, he does hate me. Maybe he was trying to murder me in my sleep.

Xard? I don't see any reasons why he would.

Yes, it had to be Raven. I am gonna go and confront him about it!

Now only realizing that I was just standing there ranting in my head, I grab the lantern and head down the corridor. Maybe I will find an exit sign that points to an exit! That would be a great plan, only if these people actually knew what electricity was. Hey, at least they know to brush their teeth! Hygiene!

I passed multiple doors, but none of them seemed to pop out at me. They all looked the same; they all had the same shade of brown, the same furnishing and same bordering. I'm surprised no one has bumped into me yet, cause it literally seems like a haunted house hallway.

I hit a dead end and decide to head back, but a tiny crack caught my attention. I reach my hand out and trace the crack. It continues to resemble a rectangle, or even possible...a door? I place the lantern next to where a handle would be and I see a small hole that is only big enough for a finger to fit through.

I place my index finger through the hole and pull on the door. No budge. Maybe there has to be more force. I try again and the door bursts open and dust hits my face. Well ladies and gents, this looks like an exit to me! Look, I am not selfish and home sick, it is just that I can't help!

I walk through the doorway and am greeted into another room. This was not what I was hoping for. Two oil lanterns decorate the room, one cot, one table and weapons cover the walls. Ranging from swords to other wired magical things.

I walk over to the table to see a picture. So they do believe in technology here then. It must have all disappeared when Doon took control.

The frame and glass are cracked, but you can still see the picture that is caged inside. It is of a mother, father and son all looking at the person taking the picture. They all seemed happy and joyful. Like they felt they belong.

All of a sudden, I hear a creak of a door and spin around.

"What are you doing here?" Raven sneers.

Since his hair is damp, I know that he just came from the bathroom. "I was just walking around and ended up here..." I trailed off. He is so going to kill.

"I didn't mean that. I meant, why are you still here in Margia?"

Uh, ouch. Why was I still hear? I know I was looking an exit, but was I really going to leave right then if I did? "I-I don't know." I stammered.

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