Chapter 4 - Her 'or else' Is Never Good

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Vanessa's POV

I woke up due to sunlight literally being in my face. I looked around thinking where was I. Then I saw Derek still unconscious, and memories from last night started to fill back in.

I walked closely to Derek and stared at him. I started to think, will he remember me? If he's 17 again, does that mean his mind will only remember 17 years of his life? Questions swarmed in my mind, that I didn't even see Lydia until she touched my shoulder, surprising me.

"Are you ok?" She said.

"Yeah" I whispered and held Derek's hand. His hand felt warm, so I touched his head and it felt warmer.

"Lydia, there's something wrong" I said, just as Deaton comes in.

"How's he doing?" He asks.

"He's warm" I said.

Deaton felt his forehead and then checked his pulse.

"His heart rate is alarmingly high" he said.

"He's a lot warmer now" I said.

"Vanessa, I'm going to try something.I want you to keep holding his hand if that's okay" Deaton said.

I nodded, as he walked away, and got a scalp and cuts Derek's arm. A few seconds later it healed.

"That looks like it healed really fast" Lydia said.

"Unusually fast" Deaton added.

"What does it mean?" I said getting worried.

"I'm not sure" Deaton sighs.

"Let's try something else" Deaton said. He looked at me and Lydia.

"Grab me a five milliliter syringe" he said.

"Where is it?" I asked

"Top drawer" he said. Lydia and I went to the top drawer, but couldn't find the syringe.

"Deaton it's not here" Lydia said. He looked confused, and came to us.

"Oops, my bad, bottom drawer" he said.

Just then I hear something or someone and turned around to see Derek sitting up and heavily breathing.

"Derek" Lydia said.

"Derek, are you all right?" I said getting worried. "Derek, are you all right? Derek?" Deaton asks.

Just after he finishes that sentence, Derek then faints back on the counter.

"Derek" I yelled and rushed to him.

I started to cry as Lydia came behind me. Deaton rushes over and sticks the syringe into Derek's arm, as I then heard Derek whimper.

"He's going to be fine now" Deaton.

"He should rest on a bed" Lydia said.

"We take him back to the loft" I said clearing my voice and looked over to Deaton who looked like he was in thought.

"I have my car out front, we can take him to the loft and on the way, call Scott or Stiles" Lydia said.

"Ok, but be careful" Deaton said, and with his help we got Derek into Lydia's car and drove off.

Scott's POV

"So it's like 2 in the morning. I wake up and she's just lying right next to me. She just sneaks in. This was like five times a week." Stiles said, as he tells me about Malia.

"Then what happens?" I asked.

"After that we spent the rest of the night spooning." He says.

"That sounds okay." I said confused. "Yeah, but I'm always the little spoon. Always." He said or complained, I don't know.

"This means you guys are together, right? You're dating?" I asked.

"I don't know, sometimes the way she looks at me, I think she knows I'm not telling her something" he said.

"You mean Peter?" I said.

"We got to tell her, Scott" he said getting straight to the point.

"Yeah, I know" I said looking at him.

"I just I don't know how." He whispered.

Just then we entered our History class. Mr. Yukimura (Kira's dad) came in and got straight into the point.

"It might surprise you to know that some of history's greatest leaders have had to endure some pretty great failures. One you'll recognize from last night's reading failed in business, had a nervous breakdown, was defeated for both houses of Congress, and lost as Vice President, before he was finally elected as one of the greatest presidents that this country has ever seen." He said and then looks at Malia.

"Who was he? Malia" he said. Malia looks at him with a highlighter in her mouth. Just then my phone rings.

"Scott, phones off." Mr. Yukimura said and I nodded.

"Malia? One of our greatest presidents."

Then Stiles's phone beeps

"Phones off." Mr. Yukimura repeats again and then added "Everyone."

"Malia? Does anyone else know?" Just as he finishes that question a phone beeps.

"I said phones off!" He shouted.

Just then Kira said "Dad, that was yours." Mr. Yukimura looked surprised and took out his phone.

"Oh, um it's from Miss. McCall" he said. I looked at him in question, and then he reads the text.

"Tell Scott, to call Lydia, or else" he finishes and looked at me. "Scott, what does she mean by that" he says looking surprised.

"Let's just say, her 'or else' is never good" I said and rushed out of the classroom and called Lydia.

"Hello?" She said.

"Lydia, it's me. Is everything ok?" I said getting straight to the point.

"Yes, everything is fine, just after school, come over to Derek's loft. Vanessa and I are driving there with Derek right now" she said.

"Is Derek ok?" I asked.

"Yeah, he woke up but then fainted again, so we're going over to the loft to get Derek some rest" she said.

Then added "just come after school. Bye" and then disconnects the call.

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