Bye, Mom

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She thought it was a normal day when she woke up but that changed when her mom said that they weren't gonna make breakfast today. Anna didn't even get a Goodbye Love You from her mom before she left for school. Anna said Bye Mom I Love You and walked out these door hoping get mom would be better when she got home. So Anna's brother left with Anna that day and he was just the same, queit. Anna had a normal day of school,while Kaleb(Anna's brother) had a bad day filled with horrible names, getting picked on, and the usual getting beat up. Anna watched the clock like a hawk in her last hour and when the bell rang she was out the door.  She walked home alone that day.  She got home and went inside a said "Mom I'm home!" There was no response so she said "Mom!?!  It's Anna." She didn't have a good feeling in her stomach. So she checked upstairs then she went into her mothers room and found her mom laying on the floor.  She screamed "Mom!!......Mom wake up please!!" Kaleb got home and heard his sister screaming so he ran upstairs and went to his sister. He found her in tears holding their moms body, his first reaction was to cry then he walked over to his dead moon and held her in his arms saying "I'm sorry I'm so sorry mom this is all my fault."  Anna grabbed her phone and called 911. They got there but they said it was to late that she was gone for good. Anna's heart just shattered. Her mom, get befriend, and the person that mattered most to her had just died but how. They said the found a note and went to hand it to Anna but Kaleb grabbed it and put in his pocket.  Anna never got to read it.
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