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‘Alex, Alex it’s time to get up, please get up.’ I smiled hearing her voice and then I opened my eyes to what seemed like a bitter-sweet nightmare. I saw Andromeda in my shirt but she had Luke’s arms wrapped around her body. One around her waist and one across her chest with the hand around her neck. Tears were streaming down her face. I slowly stood up and slipped on sleeping trousers, scowling and my jaw clenched at the sight in front of me.

‘Baby it’s gonna be okay, you trust me don’t you?’ I said and she nodded a yes. That only tightened his grip around her neck.

‘Isn’t this nice? The couple is back together. I also heard that Paige moved out of your flat and got one of her own. Tsk-tsk. She’s lucky I didn’t shoot her ass, otherwise that would’ve been bad for Miles, wouldn’t it?’

‘You forced Miles’ plan out of Paige.’

‘Bingo!’ Luke smiled, ‘what you and An don’t know is that I’m not stupid. I have people everywhere who’ve been keeping tabs on my baby girl. Martin called me last night and told me he was at a party and he saw a certain woman slow dancing with a certain somebody. When An didn’t come home last night, I knew that it meant your place so here I am. And here’s my little wanton queen.’ He said the last sentence through clenched teeth while gripping her neck. She let out a whimper in pain.

‘Don’t hurt ‘er.’ I said sternly.

‘What are you going to do Turner?’ He growled, ‘Save her?’

‘Yes.’ As I lunged at him to get to her, my worst nightmare came to light as his men did hold me down again. I tried fighting them off but one of them hit me in the back and suddenly I was held like Luke was going to cut me head off.

‘No!’ She screamed and fought as he held her down. She kept fighting and he slapped her. He unzipped his trousers and held her wrists down. Right before he was about to enter her, the door opened.

‘Put your hands up and back away from the woman!’ The copper said, ‘Put your hands up and back away from the man!’ A swarm of coppers flooded the place.

‘Luke Fuller, you are under arrest on the charges of rape, third degree murder, and harassment and battery.’ He arrested him and the guys that held me down, as he read them their rights, I went over to Andromeda and Miles and Sarah walked into the room with a medic.

‘Are you okay baby?’ Andromeda was looking at me with her chestnut brown eyes scared half to death with half of her face crimson red from Luke’s slap.

‘Y-yes, my head and face hurt so much.’ That’s when she started crying.

‘Um sorry to interrupt but I need to inspect her. May I?’ the medic said, ‘And an officer is going to be here shortly to ask you some questions.’

‘Okay, sure,’ I sat on the bed beside her, ‘Shh, it’s okay the medic is going to inspect you, okay I’ll be right here.’ She calmed and I looked at Sarah and Miles.

‘Hi guys um sorry if we were late getting here, I went up to police station warning them of this but they didn’t believe me because you are a celebrity and so Miles went in there and straightened it out and here we are. I brought some of my clothes cos I know Andy can’t go to Luke’s place for a while since it’s a crime scene. They found Atticus’s body on a farm in Yorkshire half shredded with a wood chipper with partial prints that match Luke’s.’ I took the bag of clothes and put them on the bed.

‘Thanks, do you want to see ‘er?’ I got up off the bed and watched as she sat down and soothed Andromeda.

‘Okay, where is she?!’ Miles and I looked to see Emma at the door.

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