Chapter Eighteen.

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They're dead. That's all i can think about, and that's all that matters.

My parents. My own parents. The two persons That made me, me.That made me come to this life. they're not here, they're gone. And in that moment, everything else seems worthless. Zach 's secret. Life. All of it. It's all worthless.

The worst thing is, i didn't tell them how much i love them. They don't and they will, probably, never know. And life at this moment seems silly. And what am i supposed to there something i can do? Can i bring them back? can i remind them of how much i love them?

My Mom. The one that spent her whole life looking after me. She's gone.


My Dad, the one that spent his whole life working to give me a comfortable life. He's gone.


....and what's there left to live for?

"Emma, i'm here. Stop crying." Zach's voice wake me from my suicidal thoughts.

"Zach.." i sob, "i have nobody left." I continue crying and crying.

"What do you mean? I'm here Emma, i'll always be. Try to stay strong. Try to hold on. Everything will feel better if u put that in your mind. They're dead because their job here in earth is finished, It's your time now. I'm not telling you that you shouldn't cry over your parents. And am not telling you that you shouldn't feel sad or depressed. But am telling you that your life shouldn't stop at this. If your parents were still here, they would want you to continue living your life, cause That's the right thing to do."

"Oh..Zach. how do you know just the right words to say?"

"Remember, i've been there too." He looks like he's remembering something. The sadness crosses his face for a second, and then it disappears.

"Oh Zach, i'm really sorry. I forgot about you and how this brings you a lot of sad memories. I'm so stupid."

"No, Emma. Don't worry, it's all good." He gives me his beautiful smile that can light a full dark planet. he's so adorable.

"Okay, i won't worry. By the way, you were going to tell me about something. "

"Oh yeah, but i don't think the time and all are really suitable right now."

"Nah, i don't really mind. Go ahead."

"Well, Emma, have you ever got this feeling? Like, when you feel you're connected to this certain person in a certain way that you can't even, yourself, figure it out? well, that what i was feeling toward you." I interrupt him.

"But- .."

"If you want to listen to it let me continue cause it's a long story."


"You were confused by the way i was acting toward you right?" he didn't even let me answer his question. "Well, let me tell you this story. You know, there was this guy, who was really vulnerable. He was 15 years old. He fell in love with his bestfriend, when she was around he felt nothing but joy. Those two kids got in a relationship. He thought she loved him. She told him she did. But it was all a lie. They were together for two years. And one day he came to his bestfriend's house to find them both -his bestfriend and his lover- sleeping with eachother. She told him she never loved him. But that wasn't what she said before, he thought. he was confused. He was broken. And from that time he couldn't trust any girl. He started sleeping with different girls. Not caring about anything. He reached a point where all he could think about was death. He was suicidal But then one day, a girl from school ran into him. She was sassy,clumsy so clumsy yet, so innocent. He thought he wouldn't like her. 'He would never fall in love with her' that's what he said. But he was wrong. Cause he fell and he fell hard."

End of chapter 18.

OHMAGOSH, that chapter was really emotional and oh my god i wrote this from all my heart. And OHMAGOSH 'Veronica Roth.' Is life. I finished reading insurgent and OHMAGOSH it's really good. I CAN'T wait for the movie!!! Am reading Allegiant now and jdj sj sj dhshsjs arghh i really want Theo james. *.*


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