Chapter Three

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In this chapter, Peter will tell us what happened to him and what was he doing when the unknown bell rang.


Well, how to begin telling you this. The truth is that.....I am quite scared now. Of course that after that day I have never entered school again.

Though I'm male, I have to admit that that moment was one of the most horrible moments I have always been in.

Hope you do not think I am chicken or maricon or stuff. It was a really strange and mysterious moment.


It was an ordinary cloudy day, during spring. It was a 13rd of November in 2012.

It was only some months before my graduation. I got up at 6:30 am as always, and took a bath, also part of my every-day routine, I would say.

After taking a bath and pulling on my school clothes, I was called to have breakfast by my mom.

I really don't know what I ate that morning. It was already 6:55 when I noticed that it was Thursday.

And that meant that I was having chemistry during the first two periods, which had a ten minutes break time in the middle.

So I put my laboratory uniform inside my school bag. And after a few second I entered the car and drive to school. I was 18 at that time.

I reached the school at 8 more or less. I parked my blue Audi model A4, obviously in the parking lot.

Each of us and the teachers and stuff had one place in that huge place. It was one of the facilities the school gave us.

As soon as I entered the big but old fashion building, I walked along the corridors, until my locker, number 3008.

I left my bag there and took my white long chemistry uniform and my pencilcase with some sheets of paper as to write some conclusions and results after every experiment and observation.

You may notice I am quite smart and tidy. ;)

The chemistry class started as usual, we were working with pH. The pH scale and that basic, boring and simple stuff.

And while the profesor, Mr Scot was writing the conclusions on the board, a bell rang.

He got angry with us, when he noticed we were already walking out of the lab.

He told us to wait, and to stay inside. He checked what time it was, as always. And for his surprise it was 8:50.

"Umhm, sit down, and keep writing we aren't going outside yet" He said with a loud voice full of anger.

But we even didn't have time to have a seat. An enormous, grey, heavy cloud was on the sky exactly above us.

"Oh, damn, look at the cloud!!" A girl said while pointing it.

And a strong wind opened the three windows making one of them break down into pieces.

Luckly nothing happened to the girl, who in fact was one of my classmates.

"Please, go outside, in a peaceful way." The profesor said while putting his things away as quickly as he could and heading off the lab. He run downstairs also as fast as possible.

And 'dissapeared'.

Everyone, followed the profesor's instruccions. And in less than two minutes all the people in the class were outside the lab going downstairs shouting and screaming while running along the corridors, in the ground floor.

But as I'm a curious person who loves danger, I put my things inside my bag and stayed inside the lab, alone.

I closed the door just in case somebody came, and started measuring the preasure and stuff as to see what caused the strong and unusual wind some minutes ago.

But nothing seemed to be exact. I couldn't reach any conclusion. I wasn't sure about it.

When suddenly....the chairs started moving as if an earthquake was coming.

But it just was for a sudden, short moment. A few seconds later, I saw everybody running outside of the school. Before shouting and screaming a lot.

It was 9 am, when the bell should have rang for break time as usual. For my surprise, the bell suddenly began to ring and rang and rang and rang...

It couldn't stop, no idea why. What I do know is that the noise was quite loud and so horrible that I had no choice but to jump out of the window.

Yes, from the third floor. I was lucky, I could manage to 'land' on a tree, nearby.

Though I broke my arm while trying to catch the tree's branch and so on, now I'm okay and that's what really matters.

As soon as I touched the ground I could notice that there were 4 ambulances taking some students who seemed hurted or more and also 6 or 7 police men trying to understand the situation as all of us.

They just were staring as the building, shocked and impressed about it, as all of us, including me, too.

As I knew I shouldn't be seen by anybody there, I silently walked away, of course that in the opposite direction. Reaching the parking lot, there were just some cars there.

And in 15 minutes I was already at home. Exactly at 9:45. Luckly nobody was at home at the moment.

But how would I explain all that to my parents? Would they believe it or not?


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