Chapter 2

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We are almost a month into the relationship. We talk no joke every minute of every single day. I love talking to him he means everything to. Yea I know we just met and he lives far away but it doesn't matter to me. I will do what ever it takes to keep him. Every once in awhile we would write each other these long paragraphs about how much we love each. Omg every time I read the ones he makes me I start to cry. Wanna know why? Well it's because I know he wrote it from heart and he means every word he says. He's my first boyfriend. In about two weeks it's our one month anniversary. We told each that we would write each other a long love letter on how much we love each other. I'm gonna write him a really long one. Because he deserves it. He's the number one person in my life. Sometimes I wonder what he saw in me that made him fall for me. I'm too afraid to ask him so I'm just not gonna worry about it. He's really cute. To be honest he's the only guy that has ever said that I was beautiful. When he said that to me I felt like a real person. I felt like someone actually cares about me. I just love his personality. Yea yea I know I sound like a weirdo but you know what.? He's mine and forever mine. I can't live without him, I can't lose him. He's my absolute everything. I love how he texts me in the morning "Good morning babe 😘" that really makes me happy to know that he's there for my every waking minute. He's the type of guy that I've been looking for. He's kind, he's caring, he loves me for who I am, he's really adorable, and he has an amazing personality. I just wish we lived closer so we can be together physically. But I know we will in a few years. It's our one month anniversary. It's 9-17-14. Yassss! Lol. He texted me "Good morning babe😘". I was in my second hour. He said "Guess what today is" I told him " It's our one month anniversary". He said " Yup and I'm gonna write that letter to you now". I said "ok☺️". It was really long. As I was reading it I wanted cry until my eyes fell out. In a good way. It was the most amazing thing ever. Every single word he said made me want to fly down to California and hug and kiss him.

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