Chapter 21

20 Minutes Later.

Tap. Tap. Tap. The sound repeated quickly and with a strong rhythmic beat. Sam continued to tap his foot on the floor, waiting patiently for his Brother to meet him where they had previously agreed. Dean was late. As per usual. But Sam couldn’t talk, there were many a time when he had done worse things like… not actually show for Dean, when he was needed. Thus, disappointing him more than he had already done.

“Oh, there are some hot chicks in this place.”

Sam turned on his heel to see his brother, folding a scrap of paper and putting it into his pocket - had probably gotten some nurses phone number. He raised his eyebrows as a woman passed him, turning around to eye her up.

“Dean.” Sam sighed disapprovingly, but couldn’t be bothered to say much against him, knowing that it would be useless; it was part of Dean's personality.

“What?” Dean asked defensively, smirking at Sam's disapproval, knowing exactly what his Brother was about to say. “You told Cas?”

“Yeah, he’s fine with it. He says that he had a history with Pear’s mom. I’ll explain on the way…”

Dean nodded, listening to Sam as he explained on the roads back to the place where Sam had seen the dead body. Police cars surrounded where the body had been seen, their police lights still flashing as Forensics examined the body and the detectives, which were already on the scene, questioned people. There also seemed to be an FBI agent on the case too. Sam and Dean knew that they would just have to be nosy onlookers for the time being. Soon a police officer came over to them, notepad in hand, eyeing them both warily.

“Sorry boys, no go area.”

“What happened?” Dean asked, trying to look as much as a normal person as possible.

“Dean, Sam? What are you doing here?”

The Brothers looked up to see Charlie limp over to them, dressed head to toe in an ill fitted suit, flashing her fake (probably from LARPing) ID badge at the police officer.

“Excuse me.” Charlie said to the police officer, limping further from the crime scene and over to them. The officer moving away knowing that as an FBI agent, she topped them in hierarchy. Dean and Sam gave Charlie a look, mostly of confusion and anger. “What are you doing here? I thought you were looking after Cas and your sister – uh, Pear, right?”

“Yeah, Cas is looking after her now. Charlie, you should be in hospital. Your ankle.” Sam said; already knowing that Charlie wouldn’t go back to the hospital. She wasn’t one to be ordered around.

She rolled her eyes, “It was boring. And that nurse was married. Saw her wedding ring.”

Dean just stood there, “Sure she wasn’t into you?”

“Yeah, didn’t even know I was hitting on her.”

“Oh hard luck, Charlie.” Dean didn’t even bother to tell her to get back to her hospital bed because he knew that she was too stubborn. Charlie just sighed out and handed over her notebook to Dean and smiled a little. “So the police say that they think the Vic was murdered somewhere else and then brought here because of the lack of blood. I say we find the place where he was murdered and then maybe we’ll find the Demon/demons that did it.” Charlie suggested, flicking her eyes from Sam to Dean and back again to see their reaction.

Dean, who had been flicking through the notebook, raised his eyebrows a little and smirked a little, “Charlie, there isn’t any ‘we’ to it. You’re hurt.”

Biting the inside of her lip with annoyance, she turned around and hobbled over to the police officer nearest to them, turning her head to raise her eyebrows back at the boys in an irritated look. The police officer who was nearest was a little out of Sam and Dean’s hearing range so as the Brother’s followed Charlie as she reached the officer and then point at them, the police officer looking her way before nodding and going off, putting his radio up to his mouth. Dean looked over at Sam, mouth open in shock.

“She didn’t.”

“Oh, I think she did.”

Dean breathed out in surprise, “Bitch.”

Charlie came over to the gobsmacked brothers, grinning mischievously. “I say you run now and I’ll only call off the police after you let me help with your case.”

The eldest of the Brother nodded to his brother who just shrugged his shoulders, knowing that they had no choice. They were impressed at the fact that Charlie had found a way into manipulating them, then again, she knew all their flaws, weakness and fears; she could easily exploit them.

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