Chapter 19, Ends

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The tour continued on for the rest of the year. We literally went all over the globe before coming to the U.S. We started the tour in the U.S. when I a call in the middle of the night. I wake up to hear my phone going off.

"Hello?" I ask groggily.

"Is this Julie L. Tucker?" A male voice asks. "Yeah." I say.

"This is Doctor Henry from Youngston Medical Center in Nebraska. I am calling on behalf of your Grandfather." The man says. I sit up and I say, "Did something happen?"

"Your Grandfather is very sick. He might not make it." Dr. Henry.

I look at the clock and I see that it is three in the morning Chicago, Illinois time. I start to get dressed and I say, "Okay. I am in Chicago. Do you think I will make it in time?"

"Yes as long as you hurry. He is in a coma right now." The doctor says. I rub my head and I say, "I am on my way."

I hang up and I wake Vic up. "My Grandpa is dying and I have to go to Youngston. Right now." I mumble. I call the airlines and they say that if I can get there in thirty minutes, I can catch the flight to Omaha.  The boys wake up and ask whats going on. I say, "My Grandpa is in the hospital and he isn't doing well at all."

The boys look at me for a minute and Vic says, "We are cleared to leave. We just have to get back in three days."

I follow him and and boys say, "We hope that he is okay."

I nod my head carrying Blarney and we make it to the plane with one minute to spare. Vic and I get seats together and we start the flight. We land two hours later and I say, "Youngston is almost 4 mile away."

Vic looks at and says, "We are going to get there as soon as we can. Just know that he is going to make it."

I nod my head and Vic hails a cab. The cab takes us to the hospital and we run to the doors. Vic carries Blarney and I say to the lady at the front desk. "What room is Jacob Tucker in?"

"Room 441."

I nod and I run off to the room. I get there and my grandpa is on life support. I walk to the side of his bed and I say, "Grandpa you are going to make it, Okay?"

My Uncle walks in and says, "Jules..... I'm so sorry that I didn't call. I forgot that-"

"Uncle Paul. It is okay. I just want Grandpa to be okay. Same with everyone." I say cutting him off.  I reach up on the bed and I hold my Grandpa's cold hand."

Hours tick by like minutes as we wait. I watch my Grandpa's machines breathe for him. Soon enough, fat tears roll down my face and my Dad hugs me. We wait all night and my Grandpa takes a nose dive for the worst.

My mom and Dad take Jimmy home and they catch up on sleep. My Uncle looks at me and I say, "Uncle Paul, go home. Get some rest I will be here with him."

My uncle nods and grabs his coat, "Call me if he get s worse or better."

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

I nod and hug him. He leaves and I continue to hold my Grandpas hand. "Remember a couple years ago when you came to my recital and I was wearing my pink dress and I messed up? I started to cry and Grandma and you started to clap? I thought that my life was over and I finished the song. That night at dinner you came over and told me that I was the best at the recital. I smiled because I knew you were so biased."

Beep. Beep. Beep.

His heart monitor starts to slow down. Vic grabs my phone and calls both my uncle and my dad. They rush over when I hear the dreaded flat line. The nurses sprint into the room and tell me to stand in the hall. I agree and my Uncle and Dad run down the hallway. I shake my head and I say, "He is flat lining."

The nurses walk out with and the Doctor shakes his head. My head starts to spin and I feel my world shatter. I slump against the wall hearing the two brothers release anguished sobs. I soon join the chorus and I put my head in my hands.

The next day my Uncle makes the funeral arrangements in a week. I get on the flight to go back to Chicago with Vic and Blarney. It seems to take all day to get back to Chicago and longer to get to the hotel. I go to my room and I lay on my bed. I keep playing what had happened. How helpless I felt. How I would trade places with him in a heart beat.

I hug Blarney to my chest and I start to sob. Blarney runs out of the door when the front door opens and I scream. I throw the pillows into the living area and I sob harder. I walk out to the couch and I completely break. I sit on the ground and I curl into a ball.

I sob for a good hour when Vic decides to get the boys. The boys walk in the room when I resort to stare blankly at the cream colored carpet. Liam is the first one to sit on the ground and says, "I am so sorry Jules. I am so sorry."

I don't answer. I just go over all of the possible scenarios in my head. I hear everyone repeating how sorry they are and I feel a sudden rage come over me. I shoot up and I scream, "STOP BEING SO GOD DAMN SORRY FOR ME! I SHOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO HELP. I AM HIS SMART GRAND DAUGHTER BUT I JUST SAT THERE LIKE HE WAS GOING TO BE OKAY! I COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING BEtter that doing nothing." The last part breaks into a whisper.

A new wave of tears comes to my eyes and pours down my face. I start to cry again and Niall hugs me. "Julie. There was nothing you could have done. It was just his time. Just remember he is with your Grandma now and he isn't in pain."

"I don't want him up in heaven. I want him here. With me. I want him to take care of me and tell me to do better." My voice says.

Vic looks up from the couch and says, "Julie Tucker. Why the hell are you crying when we have a show in two hours? Get up, stop being sorry for yourself, and go get cleaned up. Give the show your all tonight or don't bother coming back."

I wipe my eyes and I nod. The boys stare at him and shock as I walk into my room and dress in my pale pink strapless prom like dress. I put on my silver heels and we leave to the hotel. We get to the arena and I am put in make up. My stylist, Daisy, puts on water prof make up and says, "You are going to do great tonight babe."

I nod and I make my way to the stage with Vic. "Julie. Do your best for your Grandpa. He would want you to stay strong."

"Yeah." I whisper. We make it to the edge of the stage when Vic puts a tiara on me. "Have fun honey."

I walk on the stage and I really do give it my all. I walk off stage sweating a tiny bit and I am panting. Vic hugs me and says, "That was the best I have EVER seen you preform! That was epic!"

I giggle as he spins me around. The boys hug and kiss my cheek before going on stage. Niall hangs back a minute and kisses my lips, "Babe. I love you."

"I love you." I say and he beams. He kisses me again and runs on stage.

I sit and watch the boys when my phone vibrates. I look at the screen and I see the last picture I took with my Grandpa as my lock screen. Small tears trickle down my cheeks and I see that my Uncle sent me a text saying, "funeral will be in a week. Wear black. He is being buried by Grandma."

I reply with 'Will do and thanks.' Vic walks over and says, "Jules. The boys have been asking you to go on stage for three minutes now."

I hear Louis sing, "Prrriiiinnnnncccceeessss! We need you here for a minute bugga boo."

I walk out on stage and Liam says, "Okay. For our next song, we wanted to let our love come sit up here with us. We are adding a song but we are sure that you all will love it."

"For some back round, yesterday Princess' Grandpa died. But yet she came and preformed the best she has ever done." Zayn says.

"So we are going to sing a song that reminds us of her." Harry finishes.

The band starts up and plays Diana. The boys sing and change the words to say, 'Its only been four hours and you've fallen down so hard.'

Liam holds my hand as they sing. When the finish Liam wipes some tears I didn't even know had started to fall. He hugs me and I thank them. The boys hug me as the crowd starts to erupt in applause and shouts.

"It was the end of almost a century. It was the end of his epic story." I whisper.

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