Chapter 56

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"You guys are absolutely bonkers."

"No shit," mumbled Jeff but BEN talked over him.

"I don't see what the problem is," BEN spoke, looking around them at the empty mall parking lot. He knew the sun would start rising soon so they should hurry and leave before people began to spot them. Or, at least, the very fashionable tall faceless man. Who wouldn't want to look at fashion? Or, at least, someone without a face?

Trender crossed his arms and let out a big sighed. "I'm not as capable as my brother, you guys know that...I can teleport but not with that many people..."

Kate groaned. "Well, learn!"

"Kate, he can't just do that," BEN quietly explained.

Laughing Jack made small talk with Trender as silence fell upon most of them. BEN thought hard, thinking of getting to Eyeless Jack's old home as quickly as possible. He could always just hack into the president's private jet and take them but... That had always been his last resort.

"Do you remember why we came here to Alabama?"

They all turned to Masky. Except for Trender and Laughing Jack, who boasted about how candy tasted best inside children. Trender told him that he was horrifying and Laughing Jack chuckled at that.

"What are you saying?" Liu asked Masky.

"I drove most of you guys here for a reason. Do you guys remember that reason?" Masky prompted.

"To find that bitch?" Jeff nodded his head towards Hoody, who responded with a string profanities.

"Before that," Masky replied, shaking his head.

Charlie made a sort of small growl and Toby patted his head.

"We came to find Splendor," BEN finally realized.

Trender broke away from his chat with Laughing Jack and clapped his hands excitedly. "You little rascals are totally right! Splendy can take you guys!"

"Now, to find him," Kate groaned.

"I feel like this is a never ending cycle of looking for people," Jeff sighed in annoyance.

Then, for the first time ever, Laughing Jack agreed with Jeff and said, "You're not wrong, meatbag."

"You guys go ahead!" Jane called, waving a hand at them as she walked towards the mall. "Starbucks, here I come!"

"Oh no, you don't," Liu commanded, grabbing her and pulling her beside him.

So quietly that only Jane, and BEN because he couldn't resisted, Liu whispered, "Stay with me. Sully's taking control."

Jane froze and looked at him before nodding understandingly. BEN theorized that she'd be giving him a soft smile if she wasn't wearing the mask.

"Do I even want to know what that's about?" mumbled Jeff.

"No, you don't," BEN responded before anyone else could. "You really don't."

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