Chapter 1~ Already Confused

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Yui's P.O.V.

I was now heading to my new home which the church requested I live in from now on. I always followed the church's orders since they've raised me ever since I was young. With my father being a priest, I've always attended the church happily.

Currently I've been in this taxi on my way to live somewhere I hardly know anything about. I gazed out of the cab window as we now approached a large mansion. "Miss, we've reached our destination." The taxi driver said as he opened my door and helped me with my luggage.

I made my way to the front door of the mansion as the taxi took off. I cautiously slammed the huge door bangers that were mounted on the black, mahogany door. No one answered. The door let out a high pitched creaking sound as the door opened as I walked in. The door slammed behind me as I scanned the moderatly illuminated room.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" I asked loudly as I then noticed a person laying on a nearby couch. When I walked over, I saw that it was a young man that was clearly, quite handsome. "Uh... hello?" I tapped his shoulder which almost felt frozen. I put my ear near his mouth which had no breaths escaping it.

I panicked and began to shake him. "Hello!? Are you ok!?" I shouted panicking as a voice then rang out through the room as I was then thrown on the couch, being pinned down. The man who wasn't breathing currently looked healthy and breathing, and was also the one pinning me down.

"What are you doing here?" He asked harshly as he inched his face near mine. "I-I was just-" I stuttered as the man was then began to slowly inch his way off of me. "Damn!" He spat looking away angrily. That's when light footsteps came into the room and towards me.

It was a young girl who looked my age with a light red hair color and dark pink eyes almost red. She held a popsicle in her mouth with a little game console in her hand. She wore a light green jacket with pink truffle looking shorts with white stripes. She stood right in front of me only to realize she was the shortest person in the room.

"What do you think you were doing?" The girl asked looking back to the boy who was silently cursing. "None of your damn business." He said with furrowed brows. The girl let out a small chuckle as she looked back to me. "Yui Komori, you're very cute did you know that?" The girl said as she was now my height while stroking my face with her finger.

She was then on the other side of the room as she walked away only giving me a slight smirk before vanishing. Her hair swished gently behind her with every footstep. I was surprised the entire time everything was happening and when I finally caught up to right now, I was again being pinned by this boy.

"It seems you've caughten that brats eye." He said inching his face near my face once again. "P-please-" I tried to say before another man interrupted us by walking in. "Who is that?" He asked as the boy pinning me walked away annoyed.

The man who walked in watched as the other one walked away into another room silently, then looked back to me. "What is your name?" He asked sternly. "Y-yui Komori." I answered shakily. "Come this way." He said as he went in the same direction the girl and boy did. I followed clutching my luggage in my hand and resting my other one over my chest.

Niru's P.O.V.

I was sitting in the living room with Ayato, Shū, and Subaru who was over in a dark corner. I sat in a large, egg shaped chair that hung from the ceiling. All of the other idiots sat in some elegant type of chairs which just annoyed me for some reason. Everyone in this damn mansion annoyed me, especially Reiji.

Speak of the devil, the bastard just walked in with the girl from earlier. I got up calmly as I kissed that girl on the cheek. She blushed lightly while Reiji glared at me. At sat back down as Reiji spoke up. "Does anyone know of this girl's arrival." He asked as everyone then appeared.

Everyone was quiet as Reiji looked annoyed. "I got a call from the church earlier. They said not to kill her." Shū said resting on the couch listening to his classics. "I see. Then I assume introductions are in order." Reiji said adjusting his glasses as he spoke up once again.

"That is Shū, the eldest. I am Reiji, the second oldest. That is Ayato, the third eldest." He said now looking to Kanato who was standing behind Yui which made her jump. "That is Kanato, the fourth. Then Laito, the fifth." Reiji continued looking up to Laito who was on the second story looking down to us.

"And finally, Subaru, the youngest." Reiji finished looking to an emo Subaru in the corner who just punched the wall for no reason. "Then... who is she?" Yui asked looking over to me. I snickered as I stood by her side. "I'm actually the eldest, Niru Sakamaki, but since Reiji is in a rebellious faze, he likes to ignore me." I answered putting my arm over her shoulder.

"I'm in no rebellious faze. I just will never accept such an absurd notion." He replied adjusting his glasses again. "That's rich coming from you!" I laughed playing my game again. I could feel his glare trying to pierce me. I just continued to laugh while the atmosphere grew tense, even though it's always tense, it got even worse.

"Now that you've met these bastards, how about we get you to your room." I said putting my hand on Yui's back and motioning her upstairs. "B-but-" she tried to speak but I cut her off. "Don't worry, you'll be living here now, so that makes you my sister! So I'll protect you!" I cheered happily as she still looked worried about all of this.

Yui's P.O.V.

She kept smiling at me when she then suddenly stopped walking, still holding me. "Did you hear that? I'll protect her, she's mine, and if any of you touch her, you know what'll happen." She said that last part looking back to everyone with a sick and twisted grin.

We continued to walk up stairs while she small talked with me. We made it to a room with a dark, rich brown color for a door. She pushed it open as it revealed a brightly lit room with a whole bunch of cute and girly things inside.

"It's really dark and gloomy in this place, so I like to keep my room like this." She said as she kicked clear a path to a large, pink, and frilly bed next to a large window that had a big dresser next to it. She's been holding my luggage this entire time so she began to put all of my belongings on and in the dresser, very neatly too.

"You'll be staying in my room, since those weirdos will most likely try to get to you. You can have that bed right there. I don't sleep much, I just mostly play my games and eat. So enjoy." She said as she sat in a large bean bag surrounded by little stuffed pets and cute little pillows.

I sat on the bed still with my hand on my chest. "That man...he wasn't breathing." I said as she continued to play away with her game. "Ayato? Yeah, were vampires, so we don't really need to breathe or whatever." She replied nonchalantly.

"V-vampires!?" I shouted standing up suddenly. "Pretty much." She said still not looking up. "So do you all....drink blood?" I asked hesitantly. "Well yeah, I guess, it's not like some everyday thing, but it's more like vitamin D from the Sun for humans, for those extra boosts or whatever." She tried to explain pitifully.

" earlier." I tried to ask, but was too nervous. "Yeah, what about earlier?" She asked still not looking from her game this whole time. "Well,...when you said... I was yours, what did you mean?" I finally said. This made her stop playing her game and look down to it stoically. She rested the game in her lap while looking up to me with a serious expression.

"Do you know why I call my brothers bastards?" She asked as I paused, and only replied with a slight nod signaling no. "It's because their all weak." She said narrowing her eyes.

"But...their all so incredibly strong." I said looking confused, remembering how one of her brother's named Subaru was able to make a huge crater in a stone pillar. "Not physically, but mentally." She replied. "What?" I asked still not able to comprehend what she's saying. "Later. Get some rest." She finally said ending our conversation as I got dressed for bed and fell asleep.

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