Chapter 2

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Kendra's pov:


It was Friday. Raygan, Destiny and Stephanie were already at my house.

"HONK! HONK!" Chelsey was here. We grabbed our stuff and ran to her car. It was 12 p.m. I was excited.

"The car ride is going to take to long so I got us plane tickets." Chelsey told us.

"Where is the concert?" I asked.

"California." She replied bluntly.

"Omg! I've always wanted to be there!" Raygan screamed.

I giggled.


When we got to the hotel it was late. I face planted my pillow and passed out.

I woke up the next morning at 10:30 a.m. I yawned as I got out of bed. Me and Destiny had to share a bed, Stephanie and Chelsey shared a bed, while Raygan slept on the floor.

"Oww! Get off of me!" Raygan screamed. Which woke up everyone else. I giggled as I sat back down on mine and Destiny's bed.

After everyone was awake we got ready for the concert. I wore a blue plaid shirt, jeans, a grey jacket, and grey tall boots. My hair was down and curled. I also had a beanie on.

Destiny wore a shirt with a zebra on it, sweatpants, a grey jacket, a hat, and some bobs. Her hair was in a messy bun.

Stephanie wore leggings, a white sweater, white snow boots, and her hair was in a neat bun.

Chelsey wore a black long sleeve shirt, leggings, a teal scarf, and black boots.

Raygan wore purple skinny jeans, a pink plaid shirt, with off white flats.


Zayn's pov:

"There are going to be 5 girls with VIP passes to come greet you after the show." My manager always told me and the lads if we had to stay in the arena after a show. Today was one of those days.

"Do you know their names?" Harry asked.

"Uhh, one is named Kendra. And I think the others were something like Destiny, Raygan, Chelsey and uhhh. Crap! I forgot the other one. It starts with a 'S'." He replied to Harry.

"Stephanie?" I guessed a name.

"That was her name. Stephanie. So be prepared to meet them. I'm going to go make sure they are here first." He replied and left the room.

I sighed and looked at the ground. I hate being away from my girlfriend. Perrie has been on tour for 9 months.

"It's Perrie isn't it?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, she has been gone for to long. I can't deal with long distance relationships. They make me depressed." I sighed again.

"Do as your heart desires. But I have a bad feeling about her man. She ummm, come look at this." He showed me his phone. I gasped.

"I told you! Man, she is cheating on you!" He reasoned. I nodded, then called Perrie.

I put it on speaker, she answered," yes, love?"

"We're done. I trusted you!"

"Omg! You found out? I'm so sorry!"

"If you were sorry you wouldn't have done it."

"Please forgive me! I'm sorry!"

"No! It looks like you found someone better than me." Then I hung up.

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