Point of view: Sarah

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I was sitting with Matt and Kasey in a hotel that was in California. I was waiting for my boyfriend, Nash because we were all going out for dinner. After a few minutes, there was a knock on the door. This must be him, I thought happily. Matt got up and answered the door. There, standing at the door was Taylor. he hasn't found out about me and Nash yet and I was hoping he wouldn't. With a worried face, Matt and I exchanged a look. "I'm back babe!" Taylor announced with a smile. "Nash told me you were gonna be here so I took the closest flight!" I didn't know what to do. Nash would be here at any second and all of this would blow up right in my face. "How's it been? We have ALOT of catching up to do!" Taylor said. I still couldn't speak. I just sat there smiling probably looking stupid as ever. "Baby, are you tense?" he asked sympathetically. I got up from the couch, starting to cry, and quietly asked, "Why do you have to make this so incredibly hard?" and ran out of the room. Matt ran after me. "Sarah?" he called. "Where are you?" I slowly got up from the corner that I fell into. "I can't do this. Nash will break up with me and Taylor will be pissed..." Matt sat there for a second then gave me a hug. "I can make this work. Trust me." he whispered. When we got back to the room, Nash was there. "Sweetie! Are you okay?" he asked, clearly worried. Taylor looked confused. "Sweetie? Why did Nash just call you sweetie? Sarah, are you cheating on me? I swear to god..." I was about to run again when Kasey grabbed my arm. "Sarah" she said. "Matt's got this. I promise." With that, she lead me into the kitchen to let the boys talk. About ten minutes later Nash walked in. He told us how Matt explained everything to him and Taylor. "Sarah, you must've felt miserable. I was thinking...But then Taylor told me we can date. He is 100% sure. He lost you from long distance anyways." After that he gave me a hug. "I love you" he whispered. "I love you too" I whispered back. Nash took my hand and all three of us walked back into the room. "Taylor took off." Matt explained. "Hey, I'm hungry!" Kasey said with a laugh. "Lets all go get dinner!" We all agreed then left.
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On the way back to the hotel, Matt and Kasey talked quietly in front while Nash and I cuddled. With a great meal and a relaxing car ride, I fell asleep.

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