Chapter 29

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I wake up the next morning with Nialls arms holding me tight. It felt so right. I slowly slip out of his hold and go to the bathroom. I get a text from my sister saying her and her husband were going to stop over later this afternoon. They moved about a month ago, and honestly i dont know if that was a good move for them or not. They have been arguing non stop since they moved. He has been workinh late all the time also. i feel bad for her honestly. she only knows me and Leah.

i start making pancakes for the boys. i feel two stong arms wrap around my waist and a neck nuzzled into mine. i smile. Niall is such a great guy, great boyfriend.

"good mornig beautiful" niall says.

i turn around and smile wiping his frizzy hair out of his face. "good morning stud'

he chuckles and leans in and kisses me.

'must you two do that all the time' harry says laughing. my face turning red i hide it ito Niall chest.

"shut up Harry. your just jealous" niall throws a pancake at him.

"no no. You start ths you will clean.' i say staring at Niall. Niall grabs some bater on his finger and wipes it accross my face. "oh really' he smirks. i grab the half empty bowl of batter and dump it on his head, laughin. causing Harry to laugh. Niall looks at me shocked. i get out ot his hold and start to run, hide anywhere. im screwed. hes going to get me, and get me ten times worse.

"kenz kenz where are you" he says and i know by his voice he is smirking and up to something. i stand in my closet next to his thousands of dollars suit. he wont do anytng to ruin it. he opens the door to the closet. "kenz i know your in here' i let out a little lagh and quickly put my hands on my mouth so i wouldnt make a anoher sound. i see his feet right next to me. next thing i know i hear a crack as i quikly stand up and eggs are all down my hair and body and on his suit.

'NIALL'' I yell and i hear his footsteps run out of the closet and shut the door. i come to the kitchen with his suit in my hand and i see both him and niall laughimg. Harry eating the only pancaks that were made.

"im sorry babe, but you started this' he laughs. "yeah i mightve but look what you did' showing him his suit. Harry let out a chuckle and says 'dumbass' niall didnt lood pissed he laughed.

"not like i dont have enough money to buy a new one.' taking it from me and throwing it to the side, laughing.

"you got that right' harry laughed. i started laughig also. "what was i thinking' and they both shrugged.

niall comes up to me wrapping me in his arms and says 'Now you have to take a shower with me" i smirk and peck his lips. "of course., plan succeeded."

as we walk hand in hand out of the kitchen to the bathroom i turn and look at harry. " I expect this clean by the time we get out" he gives me a confused look. "you guys did it, nialll started it.' frowning.

"you didnt help me and you ate the only pancakes that were made.' i frown. he rolls his eyes and huff causing me and niall to laugh.

i love these boys. we have such fun. i hear the door bell ring and i went to answer it totally forgetting the eggs in my hair. i open and find my sister, bags in hand and tears.

"what what happened' i pull her into a hug.

she shakes her head and mumbled words i couldnt understand. i rub her back. 'come in'

she makes way to the couch and cuddles up to herself. "he he he cheating on me." i look at niall with a sad look. "with a blonde beach bimbo" i wrap my arms around her and hold her as i feel my shirt getting wet from her tears. "everythings going ot be okay. im here for you. stay as long as you can" i kiss her head and cuddle her. egg in my hair, no shower. bu right now she needs me and I am here.

Niall motioned he was going up to take a shower. he didnt expect me to come. wehn he was done. i was still holding my sister. rubbimg her back. she never even acknowlege taht the boys where here.

Niall came and whispered i n my ear. "me and harry are going out for a few to give her sometime" i nod, he kisses my forehead adn they leave.

Leaving me wih my broken sister. i know what she is feeling. ive been there, done taht. as a tear slips onto my cheek.

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