Harry: You groaned as your phone rang. Ignoring it, thinking someone accidentally called you, you flipped over so you were lying on your other side, but it started ringing again. Groaning, you turned and answered your phone. “What!? It’s one in the morning!” You almost yelled, glancing at the time. “H-hey babe.” Your obviously drunk boyfriend hiccuped. “G-give me-” There was shuffling and then Zayn’s voice was on the phone, “Can you come pick him up? He’s way past drunk.” “I’m leaving now, have him outside.” You sighed, hanging up and rolling out of bed. You quickly left and drove to the club they were, and outside waiting was Zayn and Harry. You got out of your car to help Zayn get Harry in the passengers seat, “You’ll be okay with him, right?” He asked. “Yeah.” You nodded, waving bye and getting back in the car. The ride back to your flat was silent, well, except Harry’s giggles every time you slapped his hand off of your thigh. You managed to get him out of the car and into your flat after arriving home. “Strip and bed.” You said to Harry, going to the kitchen to get water and medicine for him, knowing he’d have a bad hangover in the morning. You smiled, placing the water and pills on the table and kissing his forehead, he was already asleep.

Liam: You had been up for two hours, but your boyfriend Liam was still asleep in bed. No wonder, he’d been out with the four other boys the night before and never got home till four in the morning, even then he was far past drunk. Since your boyfriend was asleep, you got most of the cleaning up done, until you heard him shouting on you. “Yeah?” You asked, peeking around the door of your bedroom. “Thanks for the water and advil.” He said, arm thrown across his forehead. You shrugged, smiling at your hungover boyfriend, “Well the state you came home in last night, i knew you’d need it.” “Ugh, what did i do?” He asked. “Li, you- Actually it doesn’t matter.” You giggled, thinking of his antics the previous night. He pouted, his arms outstretching, “Come cuddle with me.” You smiled, crawling under the covers you let Liam wrap his arms around you. “I love you Y/N.” He said, pecking your cheek. “Love you too, Li.”

Louis: You laughed at your boyfriend as he got out of bed. “It’s not funny.” He groaned. “It is.” You continued to laugh. He just pouted, looking for what to wear. Louis had been out clubbing the night before with some of his old friends, he came home earlier than he would have, but he was still drunk, actually he was beyond drunk. You swung your legs over the side of the bed, standing and walking to the kitchen. You filled a glass with water and searched for the advill. When Louis walked into the kitchen, all ready but looking like he needed some sleep, he smiled at the water and advil sitting on the counter. “Thanks Y/N.” He said, pecking your lips before taking the pills and drinking the water. “I’m off.” He said, grabbing his phone and car keys. “I’ll be listening.” You informed him. He was off to do a radio interview, which he didn’t want to. You got ready and left to do some shopping, listening to the radio on the way, when the boys interview came on. They were asked how they were, and Louis didn’t hesitate on telling them, “I’m hungover. And all Y/N did this morning was laugh at me.” You could almost see the pout on face and laughed.

Niall: You were peacefully asleep until someone was knocking loudly on the door. You groaned, checking the time. Two in the morning! Why is someone knocking on my door at two in the morning!? You thought. Walking to the door, you unlocked it, peeking through a crack to see Liam and Harry standing at either side of Niall. Sighing, you opened the door properly, letting the three of them into your flat. “Hey baby.” Niall giggled, a hiccup escaping through his lips. “How much has he had to drink?” You questioned the two almost sober boys in front of you. “A lot.” Harry responded. “Great.” You sighed. “I’ll get him, thanks for bringing him home.” You smiled. They shrugged, “No problem. But we’ll get him in bed.” Liam smiled. “It’s fine, ho-” “No, we’ll get him to bed, you go get a glass of water and some advil.” Harry said. You nodded, walking to the kitchen as Harry and Liam took your boyfriend to the bedroom. You filled a glass with water and got the advil out of the cupboard before following the boys to the bedroom. “He’s sleeping.” Harry laughed, taking the water and advil from you and leaving on the table next to Niall. “Thanks again for bringing him home.” You said. “No problem, but the taxi sorta left.” Liam mumbled. “Stay here, you’ll have to share the couch.” You smiled, climbing back into your bed.

Zayn: It was almost two in the morning but you couldn’t sleep. So you were sitting in bed, reading your book. You were almost finished, only two chapters to go when you heard the door open. Placing your book on the bedside table, you got up and walked to the living room. Shaking your head you sighed, Louis and Zayn stumbling in the door and over to the couch, both laughing and obviously drunk. “Hi boys.” You mumbled. “Y/N.” Zayn slurred, a drunken smile on his face. “C’mon, let’s get you to bed.” You said, trying to get Zayn off the couch. “No! He’s mine, leave him alone.” A drunken Louis glared at you from beside Zayn. You raised an eyebrow, “Get up.” You told them both, pulling them off the couch and walking them to your bedroom. You helped Zayn get his t shirt off and helped Louis get his off. “Jeans off and into bed, please?” You asked, turning and grabbing a blanket. You glanced over your shoulder to see them kicking their jeans off and climbing into your bed. You were the lucky one who got to sleep on the couch tonight.

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