Chapter 22

Peri POV*

I was so high that I literally didn’t know what to do with myself. White light seared my eyes as I slowly opened them, exposing them to the harsh light… well… any light. I was sure that it would all hurt the same; I hadn’t opened my eyes in such a long time.

“Peri… Peri…” a quiet voice near my ear whispered. I blinked twice to clear and focus my eye sight. A face blurred into my limited but clearing vision. I scrunched my eyes shut tightly before reopening them to see that the Angel, with the short browny black hair, dressed in a suit like most were, that I had met when I went to heaven was standing over me, his grey eyes piecing into mine. He literally had no concept of personal space.

“Hello Peri.”

“Hi…” I said, my voice was husky and tired, it trailed off towards the end.

The Angel smiled, “I have come to heal you.”

I smiled a little, my eyes wavering on the point of shutting as I forced them to stay open despite the heaviness that was weighing on them, I must admit, rather painfully. The pain hadn’t come back completely yet and I was eternally grateful for that. Jeepers, sometimes I was a bit of a wuss, wasn’t I?

“Hold still.”

Zaphkiel (I’d decided to nickname him Zaph, I had definitely had the time to think about it; don’t you think ‘Zaph’ is so much easier?) leaned over me and put his hand carefully on my forehead. Energy shot throughout my body, it was weird, I suppose. It felt like there where tens of thousands of beings in my veins, just a little too big for them, causing me to wince a little as they squeezed through. The ache coursed through my veins, each section of my body it hit, the energy forced a spasm to ricochet around my body, lasting totally for about 3 minutes. I resisted the need to cry out, but it took concentration as I bit my tongue, cheeks and lips just to prevent a sound so natural to humans. But I wasn’t, was I? I wasn’t human and that was why I had to be different. Stronger perhaps. I just had to be able to cope with stuff many could not, that was my talent, I suppose. That was what I was meant for. Technically, what I was meant for was destroying the earth as my kind had thousands of years ago.

I took a deep breath in as he pulled away, his smile almost from ear to ear. I stared, everything was crystal clear. He must had to have been a powerful Angel to even clear my pain. He’d cleared up everything I felt, even, I thought, my natural low blood pressure.

I sat up, Zaph smiling at me, sitting down awkwardly on the side of the medical bed as if he had never sat down before in his life, but nevertheless patting my legs gently but awkwardly. “I guess…” I glanced up, thinking of the right words, “you’d like something in return?”

Zaph nodded, looking me straight in the eyes, trying not to be dishonest – perhaps it was impossible for him to be, I mean, if I was a full blown Angel and someone asked me that question, I would lie about needing help with something and then ordering them to help when I most needed it, saying that they were in debt to me… then again, I suppose that’s why I'm not an Angel.

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