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Riley stared at Holden with eyes as gray as the sky during a thunderstorm. She had no idea what was rolling around in that boy's mind. "Look, I'm willing to do anything to save my best friend, but if we're gonna do it we need to do it soon." Riley said, glaring at Holden. "Damn Riley, we're going. Okay? Just let me plan a little on paper, and I'll let you know in about 10 minutes. Is that okay?"

Riley sat in silence, staring at the ceiling. She thought about everything that could go wrong today. What would she do if the plan didn't work? Would she ever be able to forgive herself? She thought about all of her memories with Damion. She thought about her first kiss in grade 6. It was Damion. They were playing hide and seek at a party, they ran into the woods and got lost and Riley started having an anxiety attack. "It's okay Barbie," Damion whispered, "Everything is okay." That's when he kissed her. She kissed him back and they found their way out of the woods and never spoke of it again.

That's exactly what she wanted right now. She wanted Damion to come to her and say that everything would be alright and kiss her. She wanted to feel safe and believe that everything would be just fine. But, she knew it wouldn't be until Damion was safe.

"I got it!" Holden jumped up with excitement. "We have to make him think you're in danger, right?" Riley shrugged. "I suppose so." "So, we're going to make your special friend think that you're going to off yourself as well." "What?" Riley asked anxiously. "You don't really have to do it, you just make him think you are. Kind of like a domino effect. You know, he jumps you jump kind of thing." Holden responded.

"Okay, let me get this straight. I'm going to contact him somehow, tell him that I'm going to kill myself if he kills himself and just hope that saves him?" Riley recollected her thoughts. "Pretty much. Just more sincerely." Holden responded, shrugging. "Great. And how do you suggest I contact him considering he's not answering his phone?" "That's easy," Holden shook his head. "You leave him a voicemail. And incase he doesn't listen to that, we'll make posters." "What is this? A first grade art project?" "You don't see where I'm coming from Riley. We can make posters saying things like 'You jump, I jump.' or 'We go down together or we go down at all.' Like from that song, you know? It's actually quite simple." Holden explained. "Right," Riley nodded. "If you say so." "So now we go get supplies." Holden smiled sympathetically. And with that, they left the hotel and headed for the closest craft store.

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