Just like any other morning, Caitlin woke up. She stretched her arms and yawned. It was a perfect morning. Sun shining, birds chirping, leaves rustling, and not a cloud in the sky. Although there was one thing wrong.

"Where am I?" She said outloud, not realising it.

She got up, looking around at the trees and grasslands around her. Being in this situation, Caitlin did the only logical thing to do. She panicked. Looking for any sign of how she got there, she ran. She didn't run very far when she saw another person. Not thinking straight, she immediately thought he was the person who brought her there, and charged screaming,


Startled, the man turned around to see the source of the shouting. It wasn't a man, It was a boy seeming about her age. Realising that she should have thought this through, Caitlin stopped, but forgot to tell her legs and crashed into the boy.

"Ouch! Not a great way to make a first impression." The boy said, rubbing his arm that hit the ground first.

The boy helped Caitlin stand while introducing himself. "I'm Daniel. Nice to meet you."

"Hi Daniel, Sorry about running into you, I just woke up. I'm Caitlin." As Caitlin was wiping the dirt off of her pants, she realised that this was still no time to get comfortable. "How did you get on this island?" She accused, hoping to get some answers.

"I woke up here. Same as you."

"How did you know I'm not from this island?"

Daniel seemed a bit more taken aback by the question that he should have. "Oh... well, you said you just woke up..."

"Oh yeah you're right."

Daniel reached to the ground of where he was standing and picked something up. It was an apple. He handed it to Caitlin as he got another one to start munching on, himself.

"Here, eat this. We have to go see if anyone else is here."


Laying on the ground, not to far off from where Caitlin woke up, another kid is fast asleep. Daniel almost trips over him as he and Caitlin are walking around.

"Hey look, I knew we'd find another kid. This one is built." Daniel pointed out.

"Should we wake him up?" Caitlin asked.

"I don't see why n-"

Caitlin quickly looks at Daniel when he froze, confused as to why he stopped. Daniel slowly stood up and said calmly,

"We're being watched." He looks over to a tree behind him and pans up until he sees a figure in the tree. "There." He says, pointing it out to Caitlin.

The figure jumps down from the tree rather skillfully, and steps forward into the sunlight. It was a man. A young looking one, but he was much taller than them and was probably older.

"Who are you guys?" He asks.

Without even waiting for anyone to answer him, Daniel throws an accusation at him. "Did you send us here!?"

"Hey! I asked first!"

"We woke up on this island probably thanks to you!"

Daniel didn't seem very determined to get answers, but he was still shouting. Caitlin runs between him and the man with her arms wide.

"Hey Daniel calm down! We don't know anything yet! He could be one of us!"

The man walks over beside Caitlin. "That's right! I was put here just like you. I just had to check who you guys were first."

Daniel didn't even seem phased by what had been said. He just apologized and went to go wake up the sleeping kid, glancing at Caitlin once on the way.

"I'm Caitlin and that was Daniel. Sorry about him shouting at you."

"It's ok. We are all probably tired and confused. I'm Declan."

As Daniel shakes the kid awake, the others gather around.

"...Uhhh...Huh?" The kid looks around to realise he is in an unknown place surrounded by unknown people. He shoves Daniel back and starts shouting. "Who are you!? Where am I!? What is happening!?"

"Calm down." Daniel said. "We all woke up on this island just like you did."

The kid looks up trying to take it all in. "Island?" He asks.

Daniel takes a step backwards. "Yeah island?" Caitlin asks, suspecting Daniel of knowing things they don't.

"It's true." Declan confirms. "I saw from the treetops that we are all on an island."

Caitlin looks back at Daniel. "How did you know we were on an island?"

"Well, I saw before you woke up." Unsatisfied, Caitlin walks over to the kid, helps him up, and introduced everyone to him.

"Hey guys, I'm Stefan." The kid said.

"Hi Stefan." Daniel says, wanting to move on. "Since we are all in the same mess, I think we should go together."

Everyone looked like they agreed, except for Declan. "Why should I?"

"It's better for us to stick together." Caitlin points out.

"Whatever I can handle this without your help." After his last word, he ran up to a nearby tree, ran upwards on the trunk for a step, jumped off, and caught a branch. He then proceeded to leave the group running on the tree branches.

"Well I guess it's just us." Stefan exclaims. Daniel and Caitlin just look at him.

A minute or so after they collected themselves, a loud growl could be heard. Everyone looks to see bushes shaking violently in a path going straight towards them. Suddenly, from the bushes, another boy, a younger looking one, ran by and hid with them. However the growls did not come from him. A wild beast tore through the shrubs and let out a mighty roar. It was large, about the size of a bear, but not fat like one. The monster dug its silver claws into the ground and turns to stare at the group, eyes glowing red. It had black and grey fur streaking down its back, a long tail, pointed ears, and a short snout. Overall it had a menacing appearance, not to mention the sharp teeth. Nobody knew what to do, since they were all full of fear, grasping the last of their life, as the monster takes a step towards them.

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