I gaze in awe at what looks like a mansion towering above me. Of course it isn't a mansion, but compared to my tiny runt of a house, Harry's is far, far bigger.

"Holy shit," I gasp. "You're loaded! Why did you not tell me this before?"

"It never came up." Harry shrugs. "What are you saying anyway, Scarlett? You'd have liked me better if you knew my family was rich?"

"Pssh, no," I blush. "Well, maybe."

Harry pretends to be offended. "How dare you say that. I'll have you know I am a lovely, charming person who doesn't need money to be liked."

"Of course not," I laugh. "You're a real charmer, you are."

Harry nods vigorously. "You know, I'm surprised you didn't catch that from the Porsche."

"It didn't really occur to me," I say blandly. Harry raises one eyebrow and chuckles, then motions for me to go ahead of him. I do, looking back up at the beautiful sight in front of me. I'd always loved architecture, and this was just the icing on the cake, honestly. Or maybe I just loved it so much because I have the opportunity to venture inside. Actually, it's possibly because it's Harry's home. Probably.

The house itself is a massive Victorian styled home, built during the mid 1800s, I would guess. Victorian styles just so happens to be one of my favourite eras of architecture, making me even more excited to see the inside.

I turn the door handle and take my first step inside, my breath halting when I look around.

"I cannot believe you live here!" I gasp, truly meaning it. "This is absolutely amazing. You are so lucky, Styles!" I glance upwards to see the high, arched ceiling, a glass chandelier hanging directly over my head. Numerous paintings that look quite ancient hang on the walls, some gathering more dust than others.

"I've lived here my whole life," Harry says, brushing his hand along the creamy white wall. "It is quite nice."

I scoff. "Quite nice? This is bloody awesome. This is one of the greatest pieces of architecture I've ever seen in my life."

Harry nods solemnly. "Okay, I agree with you there. The people who lived here before us were a strange bunch though. I don't really know what happened, because this house has been passed down through a few generations of our family and no one really talks about it anymore, but I've heard a few stories."

I beckon him to keep going, intrigued.

Harry scrunches his eyes, looking as if he is trying to remember.

"My great-great grandparents were really rich and that's pretty much the one of the only reasons we are; we've inherited all their stuff. Well, my great grandparents did, and then my grandparents and so on. My mum still works though, even though she doesn't need to. She felt like she was 'cheating life', say, if she didn't have a job," Harry says. I nod knowingly, thinking back to the ambulance ride I spent with Harry's mother.

"Anyway, when my great-great grandparents were thinking about buying this house, they were strongly advised against it but they still bought it."

We walk while he tells his story. I listen intently while climbing behind him on the spiral staircase, running my hand along the railing as we continue upwards.

"They didn't know much about why they were told not to buy it, as the previous owners didn't really give anyone permission to give the information out. So my great great grandparents just kinda brushed it off and went about their daily lives," he purses his lips. "The information got out eventually though. Obviously back then they didn't know as much about psychology and mental health as we do now, with all the new technology and stuff, but I heard that the previous owners had a son who was a bit... delusional, to say the least."

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