“I'm going to miss you!” I hugged Selena as we stood in the middle of the airport.
“I'm going to miss you too. You have my number right?” She released me.
“Yeah, i'm going to keep in touch.” I smiled at her.
‘Gate 26B is now boarding’
“Well that is my plane. Please don't forget to call.” She picked up her bags.
“I'll shoot you a text later tonight.” I tell her.
“I'll be expecting it.” She gives me a sad smile.
“Bye” I call out to her as her security starts to escort her to her flight.

“Babe your phone is being annoying again!” Hazel nudged me.
“Hmm? What do you mean?” I look for my phone.
“I'm trying to take a nap and its vibrating.” She grumbled.
“Someone must be trying to call me. Do you know where it is?” I try to move her.
“Well its somewhere on the couch” She snaps at me. Chuckling i give her forehead a kiss before getting up, causing her to move her head from my lap and groan again.
“I'm sorry, come on i'll take you to the room.” I pick her up bridal style. As i'm carrying her up the stairs she falls asleep on my shoulder again, looking at her sleep always brings a smile to my face, seeing her at peace instead of worrying over her schooling. After tucking her into bed i search for my phone finding in between the cushions.
‘One New Voice-mail. New Message.’
“Hey Babygirl, i know i just got you back and you're a different person that you were years ago but i want you to come back. I want my sister back, i want Audrinna back. I want to have family dinners with you at the table along with the rest of our family. I know this is a lot to ask. Especially from me, but please Avon. Will you please come back? Come back to me? To us?”
Tears are falling from my eyes as i debate what to do. There's many outcomes that can happen if i reveal myself. Everything could unfold, i'll be put back in the spotlight, there will be tons of questions and the criticism and hate will return… but on the bright side i can stop hiding, i can have my family back, and i can marry my girl when she graduates.
Biting my lip i type out my response.
‘i’ll come back’
I quickly drop my phone on the couch and walk back up to my room so i can keep myself from sending a follow up text cancelling out the first one. As soon as i crawl into bed with Hazel she pulls me into her embrace not looking anytime to let me go.
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