She is my everything

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-Michael's Part of view-
She is beautiful. She is smart, and funny, tall, and her bright green eyes glow. The way she flips her long brown hair gives me this feeling where my stomach churns but in a good way like when the pizza guy pulls up she makes me so happy even when I'm mad just seeing her makes me smile. Oh, and her smile is amazing it can light up the room, the thing is, she doesn't smile very often I don't know why, but whatever the reason is I want to fix it. Though she doesn't realize it I see that there is something wrong she goes to the bathroom at school and when she comes out her makeup is blotchy and eyes are red like she has been crying, and the other day when she was playing Luke's guitar she pulled up the sleeves of her sweatshirt and I saw scars like something cut her or maybe she cut herself, I don't know a lot about self harm but I have seen Ashton's scars and they look really similar. Ashton said about how she say that her parents are tough on her and her brother is favored maybe that's the reason. But that jackass boyfriend of hers might be the reason, they always seem to be fighting he always makes her mad because he never takes her out and when he does he is usually late. And he never texts her back and when they do start to text he goes to bed. I honestly don't know why she puts up with his bullshit, she deserves better than him. I could treat her better than him I would do anything for her to realize that the love of her life is right in front of her she will never understand how much I love her. The boys know I like her but they didn't tell her, I'm sure she doesn't like me anyway because Ashton and her are really good friends and all they talk about is each other and she has a boyfriend.

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