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The walk home was long. I would know. I wasn't paying attention as usual letting Alex Gaskarth serenade me with Remembering Sunday. Smiling at the ground singing to myself letting my thoughts take over. The thing is with my thoughts they remind of how insecure I really am. Keagen is the main reason. He is so thoughtful and kind, but things just don't seem the way they use to.

It started out great. We would go to movies, restaurants, or just sit home and talk. We didn't need much to be happy. We used to sit and talk for hours about random things that didn't matter to the rest of the world but it mattered to us. But lately he is starting to get a little possessive. He basically told Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum, MY best friends who make me very happy, to back off and that I'm his and no one else's. Oh and deleted their numbers. Last I heard from them, they were on tour. Yea I know what a dick.

Well I'm at my apartment building. I walk in and say hi to Jessica. She runs the building and is super nice. I took the lift to the floor the apartment is located. Floor number 5. Yea I mean I could walk up five flights of stairs if I wanted to. But there is a lift, so I ride the lift up those 5 floors.

When I walked in, Keagen was hounding me with questions like where were you, are you cheating on me, etc. As he was hounding me, I walked in to the bedroom. Oh did I tell you that I live with Keagen. Well oops. Well now you know. You know what I'm tired of him talking and asking all these questions.

As Keagen kept asking these questions, I started getting for bed. See as I have plans tomorrow.

" KEAGEN!!" I yelled to get him to shut up.


"I love you and all but, can you shut up. I had a long hard day. So I'd like to go to Bed please. Thank you." I said as I plugged up my phone, turned off the light  and getting in to bed.

"Awe I love you too. Good night babe." He said as he kissed my forehead.

"Good night." I said cuddling into him letting me escape reality for the rest of the night.

Thank you to my friend Jessica for giving me the idea for thos chapter.

~ Star⭐✨

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