5 - Doctors Appointments

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Luke (Age 9):

It was time for your birthday check up, one problem, you were deathly afraid of the doctors. Usually your mom knew how to get you to forget about your fear long enough to get you through the appointment, but this time, Luke had to take you.

"Luke, you need to take good care of her," you heard your mother say to him in the kitchen. "I will, Mum, don't worry," he said. You finished descending down the stairs and headed over to where Luke was standing, telling your mother goodbye before heading out to Luke's car.

You got to the office and you were bouncing your knee so much, it could have caused one heck of an earthquake. "Are you okay, Y/N?" "Scared, that's all." "I promise you, it isn't that bad. I'll be with you the whole time." You nodded at your older brother and held his hand as you walked back to an exam room.

Luke answered the questions that the doctor asked and as soon as she came near you with her technology, you tensed up, looking to Luke for help. "Um, excuse me, Doctor, but do you mind if I sit on the table with her while you do all of this?" "Of course not, Mr. Hemmings, go right ahead," she said, smiling at both of you.

You held Luke's hand the whole time and managed to get through the appointment without having a total breakdown. Maybe Luke should go with you more often...

Michael (Age 5):

You were about to start kindergarten and that meant that you needed to get your shots to protect you from getting sick from other kids. There was one problem, you hated needles.

Michael took you to the doctor and sat down with you in a big chair, holding your hand as you shook immensely. "Sweetie, calm down, you're okay," Michael said, rubbing your back.

The doctor walked into the room, lab coat and gloves already on. He rubbed your arm to clean it off and then said, "Look at your brother, okay sweetie? It'll be over before you know it." You turned and looked at Michael who successfully made you laugh with his stupid expressions.

But, it all ended once you felt the needle against your arm. You started bawling, getting very close to hysterics. "Y/N, you're all done, I promise. Everything's over," The doctor said, smiling at you. You turned and wrapped your arms tightly around Michael's neck, crying harder than ever before. "Thank you, Doctor," Michael said, shaking the man's hand before leaving with you in his arms.

"Y/N, baby, please stop crying. It's all over, now it's just you and me. No needles, no doctors. You know what? How about we go get some ice cream!" You brought your head away from his shoulder, still crying but kind of excited about the thought of ice cream. You slowly nodded and then retreated to your former position.

By the time you got to the ice cream parlor, your crying had ceased and you were enjoying the time you had with Mikey.

Calum (Age 7):

You had just recently gotten sick and your mom wanted to have you checked out. She had a family emergency to attend to and Mali-Koa was in the studio for the day, leaving Calum to take you.

You were absolutely miserable; your nose was running non-stop, you were coughing like crazy, and you were absoutely freezing even though it was 85 degrees out. You got to the doctor and sat in the waiting room, you cuddled into Calum's warm arms.

You were called back and Calum carried you because you didn't want to leave him. You went back to your original position once you got settled in the exam room. The doctor came in and she looked really nice, a big smile on her face. "Sweetie, can you sit up for me please?" You shook your head, knowing that if you moved you would be in a lot worse of a mood. In the end, she checked you out, you not having to leave your spot. She prescribed you an antibiotic and then you and Calum left the office.

You got home and Calum cuddled with you all night, watching movies and then eventually falling asleep together.

Ashton (Age 13):

You were sat on your bathroom floor, holding your stomach and crying. You had just gone to the bathroom for what felt like the millionth time and you didn't have the energy to even move. You groaned and just laid on the floor, starting to cry.

Ashton came in and found you on the floor, sitting down beside you. "Y/N, can you tell me what hurts?" You continued to cry, but answered Ashton's question by pointing to your stomach and your lower back. "Alright, I'm taking you to the hospital. Can you sit up for me?" You tried to sit up but you couldn't physically do it, you just curled up on the floor again while you waited for Ashton.

He put on a shirt and some shoes and picked you up bridal style, sitting you in the front seat of his car. He sped to the hospital and carried you in, you immediately getting seen. You fell asleep once Ashton put you on the bed and he sat at your bedside.

Ashton gently woke you up went the doctor came in and after questions were answered, it was decided that you had a kidney infection. After you got your prescription, Ashton drove home and he laid you down in your bed. "Ash, will you stay?" "Of course," he said, smiling. He crawled into your bed and you fell asleep cuddled into his chest.

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