Sweet Jack Gilinsky imagine for Kimberly Part 1

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Today was Jack and I's five year anniversary.

When I walked inside from my daily run, I checked my phone, I had a text from Jack;

Text convo:

J: Hey, Kimi, Happy Five Year Anniversary!!! 😘

K: Hayyyy, babe! And Happy Fifth!!! ❤️

J: So, are you busy tonight?

K: Yep, super busy, I have tons of things to do

J: Really? Okay, sorry.

K: No, 😑 not really ya loser, lol

J: Haha, 😅 I knew that

K: Mhm, sure

J: So, you wanna do something tonight?

K: Yaaaasssss 😝

J: What time can I come and get you?

K: Is Six good? Or nah?

J: Yepers

K: Kk, I'll see you then

I grabbed the phone tightly and ran upstairs, I opened the bathroom door and turned the water on, while it got warm I ran into my room and picked out and outfit; a short black dress that went down to my knees, high waisted blue jean shorts (to go under the dress), and my once white converse Jack and I designed ourselves on our first date; I smiled at the memories and laid my clothes out then hopped in the shower.

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