Its going perfect

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------Jords pov----
Me and Charlie have been doing this school thing for three days my school now feels the need to make me go school Monday Tuesday Wednesday and half of Thursday! That's not fair! But luckily for me Charlie has the same times as me!
When the girls found out they was saying things like "remember not to do it over a table" or "that's cute!" But I didn't find them funny! Anyway today was Thursday, Charlie and I finish school at 12 so we can go home get what we need and then go back to the house!
Charlie has done some really cute things these past days like he will meet me in the mornings with a hot chocolate! Then he will offer to take my stuff if needed and when we are walking back to the XFactor house he will take my bag for me! It's the cute little things he does makes me fall in love with him even more!
I've told the girls about what he does for me and they said he has a crush on me but I don't think so!

------Charlie's pov------
I've been doing all these nice things for Jord but next Thursday I promised her we will go Nando's because it's nice and I love it! That's when I'm asking her out.
Even though Simon won't be allowed to know or anything I'm still doing it! Yes I am being rebel for going behind Simons back to ask her out!

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