Trying to live my life

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Jonathan's POV

I was lost for a long time until Evan came." In lost, I mean lossing myself into complete insanity. Depression is a ugly feeling that's bottled up inside and slowly begins to spill. I do take medication but, now I just drink." My health slowly going to bad to worse but, felt good having someone in my home. I haven't invited someone to come and hang out in a while. This is my new medication, Evan." I never knew I was gay until he came. He taught me ever since he got here that someone is always going to randomly enter your life and make it better, and I'm glad it was him. These thoughts echoed through my head as I was getting ready to head down to the kitchen.

I put a pair of shorts and socks to walk around in, followed with a gray tank top. I could hardly wait to see him, but I needed to talk with him."

The house smelled amazing." I see Evan placing down food on my plate and looked at me with a smile. He's so sexy." He had no shirt on and he's cooking, (like you can't have a problem or complain with that.") The more I looked at him, I fell more in love.

"Hey." He said, I made you your food. It looked so good I couldn't wait to eat. I sat down and, them he  placed a plate in frount of me, then he grabbed his plate and sat next to me.

The first  bit was so good looking up at Evan, he Had a smile on his face.

"What are you smiling about?" (A smirk on my face)

(Evan) Its nothing, how's the food?"

It's so delicious."

(Evan) I'm glad you like my cooking. He looked away his checks rosie  red.

(We paused for a few seconds)

" Evan we need to talk."

Evan sits up straight and gives me his full attention. I'm listening he said, with a concerned look on his face."

I begin saying."

As weird as this may sound, I didn't know I was gay until earlier today laughing." Evan I fell in love with you ever since you walked through those doors." Evan reaches out to my hand and holds it snugged and tight." (Evan) I love you too Jonathan." I'll be honest too, I didn't know I was gay earlier until I saw you. He brings my hand up to his lips and kisses it, then went back to eating not taking off his smile on his face.

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