Escaping the Factory

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I just woke up and I need to escape the cheese factory. I ran out of the machine and grabbed a knife. people were chasing me so I turned around and jumped on a guy and knifed him and I actually killed him!I cut a guys finger off and got distracted by watching the beautiful, red, blood and a guy tried to squash me but I dodged just in time. I kept running until I got to the door. I jumped in a bin and hid.

By the time they left it was already night time and I was feeling thirsty. So I walked to the park and jumped into the bubblers had a drink and a swim. I cleaned my knife and sharpened it with a rock.

I fell asleep in a bin.

In the morning I set of to get out of America and go to England but I don't know how to?. Then I thought about the factory, and I remembered that the factory was next to an airport.

I went back to the factory and walked into the airport and didn't get noticed until a family that was leaving saw me as I was going in. The mum screamed and security came and at first he didn't see me but he just saw me when I ran through his legs. I got to the window and there was a pot on the window seal. So I grabbed the pot and smashed the window and I jumped out of the window and landed on a luggage trolley. They didn't know that I was on the trolley so I was safe for now.


Sorry that the chapter was so short!

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