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A year later.

I sit on my bed. I reach to the depths of the bedside table drawer and find the envelope. It is small and beige. It has my name scralled on the top.

I haven't opened it. I haven't found the courage. But my confidence is larger now that Marlene is mine.

I tear the top open and find a picture of both of us sitting in the great hall laughing. I smile remembering the fun we had. I take out the paper and open it. In the middle of the paper is a couple simple words.

Treasure your moments.

I have no idea what it protains to or why those would be her last words to me. I stare at it for a couple of minutes.

Marlene wraps her legs around me from behind and puts her chin on my shoulder, "I am going to have to leave soon."

I feel a weight go on my shoulders, "Don't."

She smiles into my neck. But still she stands up and starts putting her clothes on.

I am walking her to my door. She doesn't even turn before she walks away.

Treasure your moments.

I take a chance and grab her hand and pull her into me. "Sirius I will be back in fifteen minutes."

"I love you."

"I love you."

And I kiss her wildly. Like nothing I have ever felt before. And what only seemed like seconds later she walks out the door.

I sit with a bottle of whiskey four days later thanking the Lord that I treasured the last moments I had with her.

Many years later.

I squeeze Harry's shoulder knowing I might die. And before I am pulled into the veil I look at him. And I treasure that.


I had opened my letter the day I saw it. It contained a note saying

Don't be the rat.

And a picture of her flipping me off.

Wow. That's nice. But now only two years after I realize what she was talking about.

But as I lean in front of her father I imagine the power and life I will have. And I don't take her advice.

And I betray my only friends.


I was completely and utterly heart broken after she died. I keep the picture she gave me of us kissing and hugging and laughing on my bedside table.

Her note was confusing. it has her chicken scratch handwriting. She just wrote

Kiss her one more time.

Maybe she was talking about today. The day we go to war.

Tonks holds our son as he drinks from her breast. Teddy has no idea what's going on he just laughs as him and his mother change their hair color.

We gave a tearful goodbye with him before we go to hogwarts. As we wait to make our entrance behind the doors Tonks and I find refuge under the stairs.

I look at her beautiful face. I touch her cheek. We say quick nervous goodbyes but I take Riley's advice and kiss her.

I lean down and kiss her passionately. We kiss until moody walks over and clears his throat. But until then it feels like I am falling in love with her all over again.

That's the last kiss we have until we leave Teddy an orphan forever.


My note is something I just can't figure out.
He will be great.

Immediatley I think of Harry because, when am I not thinking of Harry?

But I know he will be great and I will be there to watch him.

Me and Lily sit on the ground watching him pick up and examine the new toys we got him. His chubby cheeks are humungus and his mouth moves into a smile. 

He laughs as he shakes a tamberine.

The door crashes down. Harry stops laughing and looks over at me. I pick him up swiftly and hand him to Lily, "Take him and run."

Lily whips her head around, "Your not coming?"  I nod quickly. I kiss her quickly and run to the hall way blocking whoever from getting to them.

I raise my wand but he already has shot the killing curse.

And my last thought isnt even voluntary.

He will be great.


As our lives are torn from our bodies only then are we really free.

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