Becca's POV

Right now the Lynchs and Ratliffs were at the airport saying goodbye to Ryland and Bree. I gave him a hug

Becca: I didn't think it would be this hard to let you go Ry

Ryland: it's ok Bec, you'll guys see me soon

We let go of our hug. Next Ryland gave Rydel a hug, who was bawling, next he gave Jacob a hug

Jacob: Wyland? Is it because of me that your weaving?

Ryland: of course not buddy! I want to make sure that Bree is safe. Ok? You have nothing to do with it.

"Flight 531 to New York will be boarding in 5 minutes!"

Ryland: Well that's my cue, I love you guys so much!

Stormie: keep an eye on him Bree

Bree: will due Mrs. Lynch

"Now boarding for Flight 531"

Ryland: bye guys

He waved goodbye

Rydel: I say we get lunch

Noel: agree

Patience: agreed

Mark: where to?

We all got into the van (it's a pretty big van) after 20 minutes of figuring out where we were going to go, Rydel finally said Buffalo Wild Wings. Everyone agreed.

Finally we had got there and placed our orders

Ellington: are you excited to come to uncle Ellington and aunt Rydel's house?

He looked at Jacob. My mom wanted Rocky and I to come to her house for dinner tonight and Ellington offered to let Jacob spend the night. And every since Jacob asked to call everyone uncle, aunt, grandma, grandpa, etc, everyone has taken it really seriously

Jacob: of course! I wove your house

We laughed

Ellington: great!

While we waited the adults talked while Jacob played on his GameBoy. That was the one thing that he took from his house.

-Hours go by-

Rocky and I pulled in the my moms drive way.

Becca: Why are there so many cars?

Rocky: your cousins might be here

Becca: I guess

We walked in to see my mom, dad, step mom, Peyton, Preston, Alex, Bethany, and an unfamiliar women that was standing next to a boy that was maybe 18-19. Then a girl with long blonde hair came down the hall and into the kitchen

?: thanks for letting me use your bathroom

Mom: no problem Olivia

Woah! Olivia looked just like Peyton and I. The only people that looked shocked was Rocky and I.

Becca: what's going on?

Dad: Rebecca we need to tell you something

I felt like I was going to throw up. Dad doesn't usually call me by my first name unless he's mad or very serious

Unknown women: it might be best if you sit down

Becca: I'm so confused!

Unknown women: you don't remember me, do you?

Becca: no, was I suppose to?

Unknown women: my name is Kim dear

Dad: Rebecca, Kim and I were married at a young age. We fount out she was pregnant, we thought it was only going to be one. But when she gave birth there were three beautiful girls.

Kim: we were still very young and it was hard to keep going with our jobs and taking care of the babies and trying to work through our marriage. We always seemed to be fighting and nothing was working. So I gave one of the girls to my sister, Missy. And your father and I got a divorce. He took one of the babies and I took the other.

Missy, my moms name is Missy. But that could be anyone.

Becca: what are-

I stood up

Becca: I'm the one you gave away

Dad: Reb-

Becca: don't! So.... Everyone in this room knows this and nobody told me until now?!

Kim: calm dow-

Becca: do not dare tell me to calm down! You guys left me, abandoned me! I was miserable here, I was abused for years.

I didn't care if Missy was here or not! She knows what happened and she knew it was wrong but she didn't stop it at all

Becca: I'm sorry that I held you guys back. And I'm sorry being such a failure to this family

Dad: your not a failure to this family

Becca: oh but I am. I'm the only one not knowing what I'm going to be in life and I'm already an adult. And my own parents didn't even want me

I grabbed my purse and walked to the car. We drove home in complete silence. When we got home I just threw my purse on the couch and went to the spare room upstairs.

Rocky: Bec-

Becca: Rock I love you, I really do but I just wanna be alone right now

He nodded his head. I closed the door and sat on the edge of the bed.

My parents didn't love nor want me.

They gave me up.

They hated me.

More thoughts just kept coming to my head. I got up and started to hyperventilate and cry at the same time. I pushed everything off the dresser and punched the wall. Luckily my hand didn't break. Just a little stinger. I fell to my knees as the door opened. I felt Rocky pull me into a tight hug. I could tell he was crying too. He stroked my hair until I calmed down a bit.

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