Taylor Hall

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Your POV!

I was at practice waiting for my best friend Nail we have been best friends for 3 years now he is so sweet, really nice to me and he is like a big brother to me. But I been hiding something from him, I really like his friend Taylor Hall you know #4 for the Edmonton Oilers!  Taylor is really cute and good looking but I hope Nail does not found out because I would hate to ruin our friendship.

Taylor's POV

I saw that Nichole was sitting and watching me ! She is really beautiful I said to myself I wish I could have her but Nial would kill me but maybe I will talk to him and see what he says! I went up to Nial and said "Hey can I ask you something ? Sure ask me anything bro! Okay you can't be mad or anything Don't worry. Okay I really like your friend Nichole she is really pretty but if you don't want me to date her its cool! He looked at me and said she likes you to she talks about you all the time and why don't you ask her out! I can help you ! Since I know what she likes :)  Really I said with a big smile across my face, yeah but if you hurt her I will kill you ! Dont worry Nial I won't do anything to her!

After practice was over I went up to Nichole "Hey Nichole what's up? Ohh hey Taylor nothing much hbu? Nothing hey do you want to go out for dinner with me ? Is Taylor Hall asking me on a date I said? He looked at me with a big smile on his face yeah I am, Sure she said, okay I will pick you up at 6

Your POV

I was in my room getting ready for my date with Taylor I was wearing dark blue jeans with a nice dress shirt with a pair of toms. I was done my makeup when I heard someone knock on the door coming I said ! I opened the door to see Taylor standing there "Nichole you look beautiful! Thanks Taylor you look really good, so where are we going tonight for dinner I asked him? Boston Pizza is that okay? Yeah I love that place ! When we got to BP'S !  We order our food Taylor got a buger and I got chicken ! After we were dinner we went for a walk! "Nichole I need to ask you something! Sure what is it Taylor? I really like you and I would like to know if you would be my girlfriend? I looked at him and kissed him does that answer you question? Yeah it does".

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