Luke pov

Today was the last day before me and the boys were going on tour. I have tried talking to management about taking Rosie and Kaelyn on tour with us.

So I decided to not give up when they said no. So about a week later they finally said yes and I can't wait to tell Rosie the great news tonight.

Rosie Pov

So I have a few more weeks   I will be spending in Australia before I finally move America and I really don't want to leave. I am going to have to tell Luke by tonight. It's going to be really hard to say goodbye.

As I stare at the ceiling for awhile I now realize that I am crying when tears came to my mouth. I decided to text Luke to come over so I can tell him that I'm leaving for America. 

(L-Luke & R-Rosie)

R: hey Luke

L: hey Rosie I have something big to tell you

R:I have something big to tell you too why don't you come over to my place :)

L: ok be there in 5

R: ok bye

L: bye

5minutes later

There was a knock at my front door and I ran downstairs and almost tripped. Once I got to the door Luke was there. I greeted him with a small hug and we went upstairs to my room.

"Ok so what was do big you had to tell me?!" Luke asked.

"How about you go first" I said.

"Alright so I spoke to management and we are going on tour a-"I interrupted Luke.

"Oh my God that's great congrats Luke." I said happily.

"And they said you can come on tour with us."

Once I heard those words come from his mouth my smile disappeared and turned into a frown.So I guess that's my que to tell him.

"Luke I can't go on tour with you guys."I said.

His face turned from a smile to a frown.

"Why?"he asked.

"Because by next month I will be moving to America." I smiled weakly.

"Oh...good for you."Luke said a little rudely.

"Luke I never wanted to go to America it's just that my parents got a promotion in

L.A." I explained.

"I'm going to miss you so damn much"Luke said giving me a tight hug.

"And here I want you to have this to remember wherever you are"He said and pulled out a penguin necklace. That's when I just couldn't hold the years in any more and I broke down in tears and Luke have me a tight hug.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"Luke asked.

"YES" I said nodding my head rapidly.

He then smashed his lips against mine and sparks flew.

A few minutes later we fell asleep on my bed cuddled up together.


So I really do hope you guys enjoyed this chapter since I haven't updated in a while tomorrow I will be posting another chapter so be prepared for what's coming the mean time enjoy your morning or night.

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