Queen's Orders

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Swifstream turned her head and flicked her tail tip. "Ready to try flying again?"

Darkflight pushed after his mother with Stormchaser following. Both had grown and they were almost full grown Night Furies with power and strength. Now that their wings were truly ready Swiftstream knew that flying would be much easier.

"Now this is mostly your chance to show your power. I know how ready you are," breathed Swiftstream as she lashed her tail. "Now show me what you can do!"

Darkflight leaped onto to a rock and lifted his head before letting out a gurgling noise in the back of his throat. He then leaped into the air and spread his wings. He then flapped them and took to the sky, yowling a bit. He then started through the sky and flew through the air.

Stormchaser smiled in awe before she took to the air herself. She flapped her wings and for a bit she was afraid that she was going to plummet down. However she kept in the air. She let out a yowl of glee before veering after her brother, flapping her wings to accelerate.

"Isn't this amazing," howled Stormchaser as she turned in the air a bit flipped her tail before pushing forward.

"It's more than amazing," pointed out Darkflight as he turned his head and rubbed his nose against his sister's cheek before pushed forward and bursting through the clouds. "It just feels right."

Stormchaser agreed fully with that. When she looked down her mother burst through the clouds, her wings sprouted upward. "How are you liking it little ones?"

"We're not that little anymore," grumbled Darkflight as he rolled his eyes. He turned then and continued forward.

Stormchaser lowered down and matched her mother's pace. "It is amazing mom."

Suddenly Skypacer lifted into the air and smiled broadly. "I think it's time to show them what we have to do."

"Have to do," echoed Stormchaser as her eyes widened. "What do we 'have to do'."

"Just follow us," ordered Swiftstream as she dove down, the rest of them following. She plunged her muzzle into the Berk ocean and picked up a fish from the water. It flipped madly and she gave it a bite to kill it. "Everyone get some fish!"

Skypacer plunged her whole head into the water and picked up a whole mouthful of fish. Stormchaser frowned as she thrust her muzzle into the ocean. However she couldn't find any fish. She pulled her head back up and shook water from her scales.

Darkflight struck a paw in and a fish leaped into the air. He went to snap his jaws around it but he missed and the fish fell back into the ocean. Darkflight growled in anger and shook his head.

"That's alright," mumbled Skypacer as she opened her mouth and allowed for Darkflight and Stormchaser to take a mouth full. They took some and Darkflight was about to eat them.

"No," cried Swiftstream as she stuck out a paw to stop her son. She had caught more fish and they were practically falling from her mouth. "These aren't for us!"

Stormchaser's stomach groaned. "But we're hungry," she complained. "Why can't we eat some? Who are these for?"

"The queen," answered Skypacer as she led the way, her four wings flapping. Stormchaser gulped a bit before she followed Skypacer. Darkflight was after her while her mother brought up the rear.

They traveled through the forest until they neared a darker part and Stormchaser stayed closer to Darkflight. "I've never been to this part," she breathed in shock.

"Me either," confessed Darkflight as the spikes on his head stood on end and his head twitched. "What's happening?"

"The queen is pulling you near," answered Swiftstream as she flew toward her son. "It's alright. Just let it happen."

"Why is it just happening to me," cried out Darkflight as he began pawing at his ears frantically.

"It's usually stronger with males than females," called Skypacer over her shoulder. "Don't worry we'll get it soon. However it won't be nearly as strong as yours."

Darkflight began to slump a bit while Stormchaser pressed against her a bit. "It's alright. We can do this together."

Darkflight nodded a bit and tried to keep his ears and spikes from twitching. However it wasn't doing much good. As they neared toward an island they all dove with their wings spread.

"Now keep quiet," whispered Swiftstream as she pushed up to Skypacer. "The queen does not like to be woken up before we get there."

"Queen," echoed Stormchaser as she looked back, wishing she could flee.

"Yes but don't be afraid. She won't eat you as long as you brought enough for her," murmured Swiftstream in her daughter's ear.

Stormchaser gasped as she saw numerous dragons coming toward her. "Mom? Mom!"

"I'm right here," assured Swiftstream as she lowered beside her daughter. Darkflight lowered beside them with Skypacer still in the lead. "Just keep going. We're almost there."

Skypacer veered down into a cavern and flew down. She flew toward a hole in the earth and confusion lit in Stormchaser's eyes. Skypacer opened her mouth and dropped all of the fish.

Swiftstream did the same and dropped all of her fish into nothingness. Stormchaser reluctantly did the same while Darkflight struggled to let go of his catch. Once he did though Skypacer landed on a cleft. Swiftstream and Stormchaser did the same with Darkflight clambering against them and squishing them deeper and deeper into the cleft.

"Why aren't we leaving," grumbled Darkflight as he looked to his mother. "There's nothing more we need here!"

Skypacer stretched out one of her wings. "Just relax and wait. There's something we need you two to see."

Stormchaser focused on the hole before a small dragon that Stormchaser had never heard of before dropped one fish into the pit. Of course he ate the rest since he wasn't small by any means. A growling rose from the bit and Stormchaser nearly fell from the cleft. Swiftstream grasped her tail with her own and hauled her backwards.

They watched as a giant dragon rose from the depths. It turned to the stingy dragon before taking it's teeth and ripping them into his flesh. She then swallowed him whole before returning to the dark and murky depths.

Stormchaser's chest thumped in her chest. "I don't want to be eaten," she whimpered hollowly.

Skypacer smiled down at her. "It's okay. As long as you bring part of your weekly catch she won't eat you."

"And what happens if we won't come," pipped up Darkflight, in awe at what just happened.

"Then she'll send one of her follows after you," confessed Skypacer as she stepped out from the cleft and spread her wings. "And they will kill you. Trust me, I know."

She took to the air with the rest of them following. Stormchaser wanted to ask what Skypacer meant but she refrained herself. They flew out of the cave and back toward the forest of Berk.

"Remember don't be greedy or that will happen to that other dragon will happen to you," warned Swiftstream.

Skypacer rolled her eyes. "Those darn Gronkills are always greedy!"

Stormchaser didn't know why Skypacer seemed so angry all of a sudden. She didn't like it though.

It wasn't long before they landed and Skypacer stretched out. "I'll see you guys tomorrow," she called over her shoulder before she pushed forward.

Swiftstream spread out and yawned as the sky turned dark. "It's about time for me to me to get some sleep. Are you two coming?"

Darkflight nodded and padded after his mother. Once he realized that his sister wasn't following he turned his head. "Hey are you coming?"

Stormchaser shook her head. "I'm going to take a small night flight." She saw disapproval light in her brother's eyes. "I promise it'll just be for a bit."

Darkflight reluctantly nodded. "Alright but be careful."

Stormchaser flicked her tail over her back before leaping off a stump and taking off into the air. She yowled a bit in glee before she followed the path into the darkest of nights.

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