Morning text from him

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Dean:Morning sunshine<3
No matter what you think about yourself, or what anyone else says, you're the most beatiful person I've ever met.
I love you:*

Sam:Hey princess.
Being beautiful isn't about having a pretty face.
It's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul.
You're the most beautiful person I know.
I'll see you soon<3

Castiel:So Dean told me to text you "Good morning beautiful" but I don't understand why.
I think I'll drop by later and say it while I hold you in my arms, my beautiful angel<3

Gabriel:Hey sugar, any special plans for the day?
Cuz' I sure miss you.
I want to hold you in my arms<3
Otherwise holding you up against a wall is just fine;)

Balthazar:Morning love<3
It's been forever, how about we have dinner in paris?I'll pick you up around six tonight, and dress fancy.

Lucifer:Hey there little devil.
I just wanted to say goodmorning and wish you a great day.
I'll see you later<3

Crowley:Goodmorning my queen.
I'll be busy with hell all day so I'll see you tomorrow, but I'll make it worth the wait.
Just wait and see hun<3

Written like 11 pm and really fast, plus school starts tomorrow...
So yeah it sucks but you'll have to excuse me.
I have one coming up, it's a long one and I think I'm on Cass, so it'll take a while.

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